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Keep waiting, Volkswagen postpones launchits electric automobiles into China

BMW made a big announcement that it will launch its pure electronic auto I3 to Beijing, New York and London at the same time. After 4 days, Volkswagen issues sustainable traffic solution, which is taken as its new energy strategy countermove.

¡°2013 is the ¡®Volkswagen electronic driven year¡¯.¡± Li Ding, director of electronic automobile project of R & D center of Volkswagen Group, said to media, Volkswagen Group now apply electronic driveninto all type of automobiles to truly put electrification into effect. According to its strategy, Volkswagen will introduce¡®e-up!¡¯ and ¡®e-golf¡¯electronic auto first, andthen massive produce in European market within this year.

¡°We will decide to launch to certain market based on the development degree, but we haven¡¯t introduce into Chinese market up to now.¡± Li Ding so expressed during interview, ¡°opponents launch their electronic autos already to Chinese market, but Volkswagen Group does not bring its products to China in hurry. Generalization of electronic auto segment needs right time and right location. Volkswagen would not be the first people to eat crab, but will choose the right time, and to be the best one.¡±

On a related note, Volkswagen ¡®e-up!¡¯and ¡®e-golf¡¯ will be introduced to China this year. ¡°Different countries and areas have different development and consumer levels, which Volkswagen will consider about to make market plan. Compared with European and America, China does not own developed infrastructure.¡± Li Ding said, ¡°We are working on electronic network building.IncludingBMW, Daimler and GM, we cooperate with each other and make move together.¡±

Under the background of ¡°the Great Leap Forwards¡± of electronic auto industry, but Volkswagen postponesentering China. It is based on judgment of new energy and market development. From application of turbocharged, direct injection and dual clutch transmission to ¡°bluemotiontechnology¡±generalization, and to plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, Volkswagens has not beeninterrupted by outside atmosphere. Just like Li Ding said, electronic auto is a nature evolution, but not a revolution for Volkswagen.

According to plan, Volkswagen Group will launch 3 plug-in hybrid autos in 2013, includes Porsche 918 Spyder, PorschePanamera and Volkswagen XL1. And Volkswagen will launch 6 type plug-in hybrid autos in succession since 2014, includes Audi A3, A6, A8, Q7, and VolkswagenGolf&Passat. According to its strategy, Volkswagen Group goal is to be the leader of electronic auto segment in 2018 and take 3% of market share.

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