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Volkswagen Plans 4 Million Sales, Occupies 20% Market Share of China At Least

Volkswagen territory expands in China. Changchun plant is about to put into operation on Aug 16. Xinjiang plant, Ningbo plant and Foshan plant are going into operation one after another. It is all for one goal that sales of Volkswagen shall reach 4 million in China in 2018.

At the first half this year, Volkswagen sold more than 1.5 million cars in China, and remains its fast forwards moving. Meanwhile, Volkswagen takes more than 20% market share of passenger car segment. In the future, 20% market share is the bottle line for Volkswagen. The company will adopt more market strategies to remain its advantage in passenger auto segment.

Recently, Heizmann, CEO of Volkswagen, told reporter that Volkswagen will remain its leadership at new energy area. It has symbolic significance because Volkswagen hesitated for new energy segment of China before.

In fact, not only Volkswagen, BMW and Toyota launch their electronic and hybrid vehicles in succession. Compared with before, foreign brands new energy vehicles published this time are closer to Chinese consumer demand, which means multinational company are fully enter Chinese market.

In Chinese market, Volkswagen achieves never seen success. No matter mass market or luxury market, Volkswagen leads them all.

DSG event bursts in March, but it does not influence Volkswagen much. According to financial report by Volkswagen Group, the company increases 5.5% over the world market, and increases 18.7% in Chinese market. According to Volkswagen statistics, it takes 12.7% market share over the world, but in China, the figure is up to 20.2% to 20.6%.

Meanwhile, how could Volkswagen maintains its 20% market share position? According to the company plan, it will achieve 4 million sales in China before 2018, and keep 20% market share at least. 2014 should be the very first year of Volkswagen¡¯s hybrid auto in China. At present, Volkswagen China is holding ¡°Brand Day¡± which aims popularize its new technology. Li Ding, leader of R & D Volkswagen, told reporter that hybrid car is expected to break the market ice in 2014 and will take 3% of Volkswagen models.

In the next ten years, Volkswagen Group has a very objective vista, Li Ding told media that limited by battery capacity of pure electronic car, it will not have a bright future right now. However, with the popularity of new energy car, foreign capital is aiming the segment, and confident with its future.

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