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Electric vehicles may have major share in less than 20 years: Bosch board member


FRANKFURT, Germany, (Xinhua) -- A member of the board of management of Bosch has said conventional vehicles still have a bright future for at least a decade and the electric vehicles (EVs) may have a major share on the market in less than 20 years.

Wolf-Henning Scheider, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Monday that the future of the auto industry belongs to electric vehicles. "There is no doubt. It's just a question of when," he said.

Speaking at the Bosch stand when the Frankfurt Motor Show, IAA, was open to journalists on Monday morning, Scheider said the electric vehicles to be launched are of high technology and "showed the capability of what electrification cars will bring us in the future."

"So this is why we focus on electrifying vehicles in all areas with hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles," Scheider noted.

Bosch developed a plug-in hybrid concept with Porsche and a full electric vehicle with Fiat-Chrysler. Both the two models were displayed at the motor show in Frankfurt. "In total, Bosch has 30 projects with car manufacturers in the field of electrification," said Scheider.

According to Scheider, people's needs for vehicles will still be diversified in the future. A small electric vehicle will be good for people live in a city and a plug-in hybrid will probably suit the need of long-distance travelers on a highway.

"I see electrification is coming, but it really depends on consumers' tastes," he commented.

Scheider is convinced that conventional vehicles and combustion engines still have a bright future for at least a decade. "The conventional vehicles will be full of innovation for the coming years," he said.

Scheider disclosed that an enhancement of fuel injection system for cars has a potential of 20-percent fuel consumption reduction in the next few years.

He expects the boom of auto markets in Asia especially China to continue. "I expect Chinese people to continue to buy cars in the coming years," Scheider said, citing the vehicle possession rate in China, which is much lower than those in European countries.

"So China will certainly become the biggest car market in the world of highest importance for all of us in the industry," said Scheider.



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