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Infiniti: Will Cooperate Distribution Channel with Dongfeng Nissan

Johan de Nysschen, president of Infiniti, said at this Frankfurt Motor Show that Chinese market is very important for Infiniti. But the most important work the company needing to do is build reputation at present. It aims certain consumers that ˇ°seems like prefer other brands, but more aggressive inside.ˇ± Infiniti has made decision to build its brands as a strong brand, and announced to ˇ°challenge luxury segment and will break current situation.ˇ±

Johan de Nysschen said it is very clear for our cooperation with Dongfeng Nissan. Since we work for partnership relationship, it is no doubt to share sales channel with each other. Besides, we are discussing about joint venture strategy, organization structure, product development, future sales channel management and manufacture arrangement etc.

At present, because of Dongfeng Nissan historical aggressive culture, Infiniti probably will take ˇ°Audi modeˇ± to cooperate with Dongfeng Nissan. The message is confirmed by Nissan management.

At present, models of Infiniti are limited, which only takes 57% global luxury auto models. Johan de Nysschen confirms that Infiniti will increase 60% auto modules in the next 5 years. According to the company research, luxury auto takes 12% of global auto market, but contributes up to 50% profit. Infiniti will build its perceptual image based on its typical luxury brand position.

All strong brand images are based on reliable quality. Johan de Nysschen stresses that all products of Infiniti are made of real reliable quality materials, and are considered about design, material quality, comfortable, manufacture, operation, safety and customer experience. Infiniti shall build its own brand and culture, but will not chase short profit.

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