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Honda Will Introduce 12 New Cars in China Next 3 Years


Last weekend, as reporter known from Japan auto manufacture Honda, the company hits the 21 months sales record high in China in Sept. Honda has stressed that it will launch 12 new Honda cars into Chinese market in the next 3 years.

According to the bulletin Honda provided to reporter, the company sells 73,990 cars in China in Sept, which has hit the sales record high. In the first three quarters of 2011, Honda has sold 497,261 in China totally, which has increased 105.8% over the market performance of last year.

Honda stresses in the bulletin that the three new launching cars contribute a lot for the sales prominent. ¡°From sales volume perspective, Honda technology strategy has been proven.¡± According to bulletin that Crider, new car of GAC Honda, has sold more than 10 thousand at the first launching market month and order has exceeded 15 thousand. Up to Sept, Crider has sold 39,748 totally. What¡¯s more, Jade, which belongs to Dongfeng Honda, has sold almost 10 thousand as well within 1 month since it launching market.

Honda stresses that it will introduce 12 new cars into Chinese market in the next three years. The three new cars which launched market already have proven that new technology and new car introducing strategies in China has positive effort.

Besides, GAC Honda has published a bulletin that the company has sold 42,082 in Sept, which has increased 160%. The totally sales from Jan to Sept has increased 14% over last year, which ranked top 1 among Japan brands.



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