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Korean Cars Joins Top 4 of Chinese Auto Market for 1st-time


Korean cars is biggest beneficiary of Japanese cars decreasing and join into top 4 quickly. But competition is estimated to intensify after Japanese cars recovers. After the event of Diaoyu Island, the sales of Japanese cars in Chinese market had dropped as many as 50%. Korean cars took this opportunity to increase their sales. Hyundai group has sold 1.6 million cars in the first 3 quarters with the year-on-year growth of 25% and exceeded Japanese brands in China, taking 3rd place of the whole market. It is estimated Beijing Hyundai will be 3rd auto manufacturer whose sales data is 1 million after SVW & SGM. Mr. Yan, vice general manager of Asian Sports Village cars trading market, said it is difficult to judge the winner between Beijing Hyundai & Dongfeng Nissan. The sales target of Hyundai Group in China has been changed from 1.47 million to 1.5 million after Beijing Hyundai's good performance.

In fact, Hyundai Group wants to benefit more in its biggest single market of Korean cars. The brand is also the key point of Hyundai Group. As planned, the percentage of sales of advanced models in Beijing Hyundai will exceed 40%, providing great support for brand building. Mr. Su, an auto expert, said, this exceeding is just a beginning for Korean cars and Japanese cars. There are still many problems for Korean cars to win this competition.




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