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Great Wall new collection C70 will Launch Market at End of This Year, Will Join Guangzhou Auto Exhibition


Reporter has interview for Great Wall new A class sedan (or named C70) before. As it known recently, the new A class sedan will launch market at the end of this year. And it will join Guangzhou Auto Exhibition this year.

C70 adopts new design on its big front lights, light frame made of chrome trim. Just like Harvard h7, C70 adopts flat grille as well. Taillight is echoed with front lights, and inner lights are similar with BMW design that driving shade striped design. Other part of inner light is black which forms strong visual impact.

Car body is stream, and back design is kind of hatchback. Both of doors are decorated with muscular lines, which is quite active. Besides, wheel design fashion and different from Great Wall owned cars before. Besides, back window is bigger than side windows, and back door bottom takes 2 of 3 of front door bottom.

Engine: new A class sedan will be geared with 1.5T engine, maximum power around 110kw. We do not have too much information about the car, but we will keep watch on it.

Related Reading: Harvard H8 will launch market on 21 Nov, price 200- 250 thousand Yuan.

Harvard official website publish it new SUV Harvard H8. The car will join Guangzhou Auto Exhibition on 21 Nov, and price is around 200- 250 thousand Yuan. It has distance from we heard before 155.8- 199.8 thousand Yuan.

Harvard H8 is a middle size city SUV of Great Wall, LWH are 4806/ 1975/ 1794 mm, wheelbase is 2915. (Toyota Highland LWH are 4795/1910/1730 mm, wheelbase is 2790 mm.) And about of the suspension, it is with front double-wishbone independent suspension, and links with some joints. Front face adopts traditional chrome big mouth design. Front bumper is designed very strong. Except black design, it adds a silver to strengthen shield.

Safety configuration. New car will be geared with Bosch 9th ESP electronic assistant system, TOD timely intelligent full power four-wheel drive system, HBA emergency brake assist, RMI anti-rollover technology etc.

Intelligence configuration. New car is geared with no blind parking assist system, luxury audio system, NIVOMAT adaptive equilibrium systems etc.



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