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Half Venucia Dealers Realize Profit, 100 Thousand Sales in 17 Months


As reporter known from Dongfeng Nissan Venucia Business Unit last week, the fourth dealer of Venucia in Beijing will officially open for business at the end of Nov, and it will plus one more dealer at the beginningof next year. Lei YE, Venucia BU director, said that 50% Venucia dealers in China realize profit up to Oct.

At present, Beijing Venucia network include 3 dealers Hua Sheng Chang, Pang Da and Tian Zhi Long. The new fourth spot is located at No. 40 Qingyuan Rd. Huang Village Daxing District, which will open for business at the end of Nov. Its exhibition room as large as 3 thousand square meters.

As it known, Venucia brand owns 137 dealers around China in the first half this year, and 60% of them cover under third tier cities. Single shop sold as many as 367. At present, 1/3 networks sell more than 100 per month. Lei YE said that northern district sales take 1/4 total volume around China. He admitted that because of network locating without efficiency, sales are polarization. 30% network has not performed well enough.

According to Venucia plan, manufacture starts support policy for relative weak dealers. It aims to improve network refreshing, and increase second tier shops (local investor open more than two networks) to 1,500. Venucia BU will adjust its staff configuration as well. Each councilor shall in charge of 10 franchise stores before, but now the figure is only 6.

What¡¯s more, when asked about dealers return rate, Lei YE said that 50% dealers already earn profit up to Oct this year.

Venucia is fast growth. It takes only 17 months from first car rolled off to 100 thousand sales. According to inner plan, Venucia 2014 sales goal is 150 thousand. Supporting sales increase includes one SUV and pure electronic car.

As Venucia pure electronic car, Lei YE believes ¡°it has the biggest potentialto boost sales in the future.¡± The pure electronic car which named Viwa has its first show at Shanghai Auto Exhibition. It will be small massive produced next year. Meanwhile, Lei YE said that ¡°we said that we will reach 1 million sales after our first car launching market 5 years at our first car rolling off conference, now we emphasis that the goal will not change.¡±



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