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VW recalls 2.6 million cars, including 640,000 in China


Europe's biggest carmaker, Volkswagen, is recalling more than 2.6 million cars worldwide, including 640,000 vehicles in China. It's the largest recall VW has ever had to carry out in China -- and a potentially costly mistake in a country where the company currently holds 20 percent of the passenger car market.

German carmaker Volkswagen has announced one of its largest ever worldwide recalls. It includes cars in China, which is a crucial growth market.

The recall came after a defect was discovered in the synthetic oil of the vehicles¡¯ transmission systems that could cause power and gearbox failures.

¡°There have been many times when the car has suddenly lost power while I was driving." Volkswagen driver said.

"Sudden acceleration happens from time to time, and there are some abnormal vibrations in my car too.¡± Volkswagen driver said.

Owners of faulty Volkswagen cars can take their vehicles back to the dealer and have the lubricant replaced with mineral oil to prevent electric malfunctions. An update of the controlling software will also be offered for free.

But, this is not the first time VW has had gearbox problems. Earlier this year, the company recalled more than 380-thousand vehicles in China.

¡°Volkswagen used to have a good reputation in China in both service and the quality of its vehicles. The recall is a reminder that no matter how successful you are, you need to seriously consider customer complaints and regulations set by the government.¡± Dong Yang, vice chairman of China Association of Auto Manufactures, said.

China is now the biggest car market in the world. Volkswagen says it wants to double its manufacturing capacity in the country in order to become the largest car company in the world by sales.

The recall might be a setback for those ambitions.

Reporter: "Safety is the biggest concern for drivers. The new gearbox problems could put another dent in Volkswagen¡¯s brand in China. The German auto maker¡¯s reputation depends on how quickly and openly it responds.



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