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FAW Volkswagen Plans to Build Ethnicity Concept, SUV Will Launch Market in 2017


ˇ°the next step we will develop SUV products on each brand line, and will build FAW Volkswagen with ethnicity concept, which will strength segment coverage.ˇ± ZHANG Pijie, general manager of FAW Volkswagen told reporter.

In 2013, FAW Volkswagen terminal sales are 1,607,076, which has increased 17.4% over last year sales. It over fulfill the goal made in the beginning of 2013 which was 1.5 million cars sales. Both Audi and Volkswagen own growth in 2013. Although sales of FAW Volkswagen in each segment are ranked in front, ZHANG Pijie realizes that ˇ°FAW Volkswagen platform product coverage is not good enough compared with its brother Shanghai Volkswagen.ˇ±

FAW Volkswagen will improve its product line in the future. ZHANG Pijie told reporter that SUV, which is already under schedule, will launch market in 2017. Beside, FAW Volkswagen will learn from the successfulexperience from Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida family. In the future, the company will work forwards ethnicity concept. With finished automobile development building up, ˇ°FAW Volkswagen will take more derive car development.ˇ±

ˇ°For FAW Volkswagen, 1.5 million sales is base, which is just a new start. We expect 1.7 million sales in 2014 and 1.9 million sales in 2015.ˇ± ZHANG Pijie told media.

In 2013, FAW Volkswagen nationalstrategically layout is builds up. Southwest plant, which is finished in the beginning of this year, has production capacity of 540 thousand. Chengdu engine plant, which is put into operation in March 2013, has production capacity of 450 thousand. Meanwhile, as a key plant of FAW Volkswagen Southwest strategy, Foshan branch is put into operation in Sept. and first phrase with 300 thousand production capacities. According to introduction of ZHANG Pijie, the second phrase project of Foshan plant will have 720 thousand production capacities.

Meanwhile, FAW Volkswagen remains about 7% slight growth for automobile industry. However, ZHANG Pijie thinks that FAW Volkswagen will reach 1.7 million production and sales, which is higher than automobile industry average growth. It contributes to FAW Volkswagen system development ability, product quality, and Chinese customer demand upgrade.

ˇ°Before we initial southwest strategy, our market share is relatively low indeed. The main reason is Japanese brands own good customer foundation in this area.ˇ± ZHANG Pijie says.

In 2013, FAW Volkswagen implements Southwest strategy, besides marketing, southwest production base is another very important factor for us. The plant close to customer will provide better service for them.



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