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Electronic Car Output Shall Increase 70% in 2014, China is One of Boosters


According to the latest report published by consultant organization IHS Automotive, global hybrid and pure electronic power vehicles output shall increase 67% to 403 thousand this year. Compared with last year 44% growth, 2014 output is dramatically growth again. On the other side, the organization only expects 3.6% growth of automobile industry globally.

Electronic output growth is contributed to the following factors. The first, European displacement limitation will implement comprehensively at the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, European automobile manufacturers active introduce new electronic cars into market now. According to IHS report that 40% electronic car output comes from European, Middle East and Africa; 30% contributes to Asia, and 27% comes from America. Among them America output is composed by Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Model S and Ford C-MAX plug-in hybrid power cars.

Second, price of electronic car goes down. It contributes to popularization of electronic cars. For an example, Nissan Leaf price has cut 6 thousand dollars in 2013 compared with 2012 price. Meanwhile, sales of 2013 have increased 130% over last year as well. According to IHS report, battery cost gets lower is another important reason which helpsto cut electronic car manufacture cost. Lithium battery price war between LG and Panasonic benefitselectronic car manufacturers as well. LG is lithium supplier of Chevrolet Volt, and Panasonic supports Tesla Model S. Now Samsung joins electronic car battery war which supply BMW I3 and Fiat 500e battery.

The third factor is Chinese government driveselectronic car popularization in the country. To solve pollution, Chinese government tries it best to popularize green energy at this moment.The government publishes several policies to encourage electronic car manufacturers and consumers, such as price cut, fuel discount, free car license etc.

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