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DPCA Recalls More Than 9 Thousand Passenger Cars


According to AQSIQ notification on 13 this month, DPCA decides to recall Dongfeng Citroen new Sega saloon car and Dongfeng Citroen 307 hatchback and 308 passenger car from Feb. 14. The above cars are made from August 12 2013 to Sept 13 2013.It concerns with 9,285 cars totally.

According to the notification, all concerned cars braking fluid are polluted. When braking slowly, it may not efficient enough and cause certain dangerous to passengers in extremelyenvironment, which has safety risk. DPCA will replace new braking fluid and brake master cylinder for owners free to eliminate risk.

DPCA will contact owners by dealerí»s network and arrange free replacement for them. Drivers also can dial Dongfeng Citroen free hotline 400-886-6688 for consultation. They also can log into AQSIQ website, AQSIQ Deficient Product Management Center website to check it out. Or dial AQSIQ Deficient Product Management Center hotline: 010- 59799616 to consult the details about the recall plan.

According to AQSIQ introduction, automobile braking fluid is used for pressure transmission for automobile brake fluid system. It is a functional fluidto support wheel brakes braking action to achieve. If it is polluted, which may corrupt relative accessories of brake system, and trigger brake system not efficiency enough, or even do not work, which is very easy to cause traffic accident. Suggest driver check brake fluid regularly, and maintain immediately if brake fluid level decline obviously, leak or polluted. To make sure automobile brake system works well, it shall change the original brake fluid regularly.




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