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CPPCC & NPC FACES: Volvo chairman calls for more mkt-oriented reforms


In today's series "Faces of NPC & CPPCC", our reporter Yin Hang sat down with Li Shufu, Chairman of Chinese auto-maker Geely, the parent firm of Volvo. Li shared with us his proposals as a CPPCC representative this year.

Chinese business tycoon Li Shufu, is one of the 2,200 members attending this year¡¯s CPPCC meeting. The billionaire chairman of Volvo says he will continue to use his experiences to push for more market oriented reforms in the sectors that he¡¯s familiar with.

"In order to achieve all-around sustainable development, we need to ensure "transparency, fairness, and maintain the rule of law." Based on this, I put forward three motions. The first is to strengthen the supervision while letting the market play a big role in the taxi market. The second is to grant equal support to public and private universities. And the third motion is to levy income taxes based on family income instead of individual¡¯s." Li said.

Li last year suggested that the government adopt an auto selection mechanism in the taxi market. The proposal received positive responses from passengers and because of that he decided to continue his focus on China¡¯s taxi market in this year¡¯s two sessions.

"Passengers can¡¯t find available taxis when they need them because there aren¡¯t enough taxis. And the government banned unlicensed taxis on the road. On the other hand, taxi drivers are not happy as well because they have to work overtime to earn less-than-expected wages. So we need to introduce a market oriented mechanism, to let the market decide the number of taxis on the road." Li said.

Talking about his "China Dream" this year, Li says he would like to see more "Made in China" cars run on the roads of China and the world.

"China¡¯s carmakers need stronger R&D abilities, more talent, and competitive car parts production. Simply relying on joint-ventures to share more of their profits is not a long-term strategy." Li said.

Geely bought Sweden¡¯s Volvo Car Corporation in 2010. The Zhejiang based automaker also acquired British electric-vehicle start-up Emerald Automotive this week.



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