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China to introduce new series of standards for new energy automobiles, aims to promote development of the industry


 Chinese automobile manufacturers have been unable to break into the top tier of multinational automobile manufacturers for several decades now. In order to reverse this trend, the Chinese government has planning to release a series of new standards for Chinese new energy vehicles, the Securities Daily reported today.

The announcement comes not long after Minister of Science and Technology and Industry Expert Wan Gang's notable presentation at this year's International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development, in which he discussed the development of new energy vehicles. During the presentation, Mr. Wan stated that China had made significant process through over a decade of research on the three core automotive parts for new energy vehicles: batteries, engines and electronic control units. He added that Chinese electric vehicles will soon be able to achieve true zero emissions and compete with international competitors. As such, subsidy policies for new energy vehicles are scheduled to be phased out in 2020.

Mr. Wan emphasized that advancements in science and technology are promoting the healthy development of the new energy vehicle industry. However, the industry must still work to optimize market conditions, create a fair platform and strengthen international partnerships. Comprehensive standards, effective legislation, strict oversight and elimination of regional monopolies are crucial to the industry's future development.

The topic of new standards is especially important to industry manufacturers and experts alike. Wu Zhixin, head of the National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization's Technology Sub-Committee, revealed that the 75 standards for Chinese new energy automobiles have already been decided upon. These standards were first devised by the National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology back in 2010. In addition, 77 new standards are in the process of being revised, and will be announced in the near future.

According to the government, these standards will either be up to or far exceed current international standards, and help fill the void in current national standards. Hopefully by using these standards, Chinese manufacturers can help break into the international market and compete with multinational rivals. BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu shares this notion, stating that "the sooner these standards are implemented the better." He added that the comprehensive and intensive standards will allow Chinese new energy automobile manufacturers to rise to the forefront of the international market."



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