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Audi might surpass BMW to become top 1 in luxury car market by the performance in China


Gasgoo.com (Shanghai Mar 23) ĘC The leading superiority of BMW over Audi has been decreased from most 310,000 in 2007 to 70,000 last year. The growth of Audi was 9.5% more than the data of BMW in 2008 and 1% more in 2014.

BMW group will greet its 100th year and Mr. Kruger has just replaced Mr. Reithofer to be the chairman, when BMW isn't willing to see Audi becoming top 1 in luxury car market instead of BMW, which has been the leader during past 10 years.

Chinese market must be the key factor for both brands to compete for Top 1 of luxury car. In 2014, Audi occupied one third of Chinese luxury market, BMW including MINI occupied one forth and Benz including Smart occupied one sixth, which could explain why the main competition is still between Audi and BMW.

The sales volume of Audi in China was 60,000 in 2005, which was 37,000 more than BMW. After 10 years, the annual sales volume of BMW has been 80% of the volume of Audi. And the differences between BMW and Audi in Chinese market are as follows.

The first difference is the localized models difference. In large car, middle car, compact car and SUV, the sales volume of BMW localized models are all less than the volume of Audi. Among the sales volume of FAW Volkswagen Audi in China last year, which was 575,000, there were 495,000 localized cars, increasing 22% on year-on-year basis. The data of BMW were 279,300, increasing by 34.63%. Audi is far ahead of BMW in localization. In the competition of imported models, BMW won without doubt, by 162,400 versus 77,300 in 2014. The new localized model of BMW might be the focus of competition.

According to the plan of Audi, its accumulative total investment will be 24 billion Euro in 2019 and there will be total 60 models before the year 2020. Compact car market will still be the focus of Audi in Chinese market. The plug-in hybrid power A6 will be localized in the next year.

Brilliance BMW will invest on joint venture engine factory in 2016, manufacturing brand new BMW triple cylinder & quadruple cylinder turbo charger gas engines, which will be second engine factory with casting workshop of BMW. All the key components will be manufactured in China.



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