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GAC group plan to release more new models in China SUV market


Gasgoo.com (Shanghai May 6th) ĘC Recently, new SUV model of GAC, Trumpchi GS4, has been put into market officially. In second half of 2015, Trumpchi GA8 will also be released. And there will be total over 10 new models released covering C segment to A segment, including SUV, MPV, saloon car and crossover vehicle. In fact, GAC Trumpchi had become rare self-owned brand auto enterprise winning in leading market because of its new models and promotion strategy. As second generation product, GS4 is another SUV model of GAC Trumpchi positioned at A after GS5.

Mr. Gu, the vice general manager of GAC passenger car company, told reporter GS4 was the second generation product developed positively on the basis of 8 years of experience, which had nothing to do with first generation product or only use first generation product for reference. In accordance with his introduction, there will be total over 10 new models released covering C segment to A segment, including SUV, MPV, saloon car and crossover vehicle. In fact, the price of GAC Trumpchi GS5, which was 130,000 to 180,000 Yuan, was just between joint venture brand and self-owned brand SUVs. The hot model of GS5 was priced at around 150,000 Yuan. After that, GAC Trumpchi released updated GS5, focusing on models between 160,000 and 180,000 Yuan. The release of GS4 fills up the price range of 100,000 and 130,000 Yuan of Trumpchi SUV models, together with follow-up GS3, will perfect the complete coverage of Trumpchi in compact and small SUV markets step by step.

In accordance with Mr. Wu, the general manager of GAC passenger car, the confidence supporting the development of Trumpchi brand is the leading R&D system, GAC production models and leading technology of engine and chassis. Mr. Gu also told reporter GAC Trumpchi had reduced the cost through production system and component supply system and GS4 was the result. All the benchmarks of follow-up GAC Trumpchi SUV products including GS3, GS6 and GS7 etc. will be global advanced models at same segment.

GAC passenger car company prices GS4 between 99,800 and 146,800 Yuan. Mr. Wu says the benchmark model of GS4 is Dongfeng Honda CR-V and the competitors in Chinese brands are Haval H6 and Changan CS75. The strategy of GS4 in future market is high cost performance in same segment and high configuration in same price.

GAC will begin the construction of new second factory in March, 2015 and estimate to finish in October, 2016. The current capacity of GAC passenger car factory is 200,000 and total capacity of Trumpchi will be 400,000 by the end of 2016. At the same time, there are 300 distributors at present and will be 120 more next year.



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