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  Latest Information: List of the latest Chinese electric vehicle standards
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. SAIC helps its battery supplier Wanxiang Group to build whole vehicles  (2015/7/30)
. Dongfeng Citroën unsettles in inner management leading to sales slump  (2015/7/30)
. Electric mobility "essential" plan to protect environment in Portugal: minister  (2015/7/30)
. Nissan's Q2 group net profit rises 36.3 pct  (2015/7/30)
. SGMW launches first SUV to raise family vehicles proportion against sub-compact vehicles  (2015/7/28)
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. Otomotiv  (10 to 15 Sep., 2015)
. InterAuto Internatinal Exhibition  (25 to 29 Aug., 2015)
. PAACE Automechanika Mexico  (15 to 17 July, 2015)
. Global Automotive Components & Suppliers Expo  (16 to 18 Jun., 2015)
. Automechanika Dubai  (2 to 4 Jun., 2015)
. Autopromotec  (20 to 24 May, 2015)
. Automechanika South Africa  (6 to 9 May, 2015)
. Commercial Vehicle Show  (14 to 16 Apr., 2015)
. Auto Maintenance and Repair  (9 to 12 Apr., 2015)
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. Sales Data of Auto Brand In June., 2015 (2015/7/22)
. Sales Data of Auto Enterprises In May, 2015 (2015/7/13)
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. Sales Data of Auto Brand In Apr. 2015 (2015/5/29)
. Sales Data of Auto Enterprises In Mar., 2015 (2015/4/27)
. Sales data of Auto Brand In Mar., 2015 (2015/4/27)
. Sales data of Enterprises In Feb. 2015 China (2015/3/26)
. Sales data of Auto Brand In Feb. 2015 (2015/3/25)
SAIC helps its battery supplier Wanxiang Group to build whole vehicles (2015/7/30)

Dongfeng Citroën unsettles in inner management leading to sales slump (2015/7/30)

Electric mobility "essential" plan to protect environment in Portugal: minister (2015/7/30)

Nissan's Q2 group net profit rises 36.3 pct (2015/7/30)

SGMW launches first SUV to raise family vehicles proportion against sub-compact vehicles (2015/7/28)

Haval H8 failed, Great Wall needs external technical backup to win in SUV strategy (2015/7/28)

Beijing Hyundai witness its end of easily surging (2015/7/28)

EU approves aid for electrical vehicles charging stations in the Netherlands (2015/7/28)

Electric car sales accelerate in Beijing (2015/7/28)

Shanghai VW polishes Lavida Family and Santana Family to grab compact vehicle market (2015/7/27)

Number of diesel-powered vehicles in China still incredibly low (2015/7/24)

Great Wall’s stock price falls severely as investors remain cautious (2015/7/24)

JAC to revive over alternative energy project and foreign opportunities (2015/7/23)

GAC Trumpchi offers civil servants group-buying discount: a unique marketing (2015/7/23)

Ford, Hyundai, others reduce output in China since price reduction failed to eliminate dull sales (2015/7/22)

Audi, BMW, Benz offer subsidy to dealers, restructure supply chain (2015/7/22)

Zotye Auto prepares for IPO via integration in sales channels, business units (2015/7/21)

Luxury car makers lower annual sales target, losing previous edge (2015/7/21)

Retreading the future with smart strategies (2015/7/21)

Great Wall Motors invests in growing new-energy market (2015/7/21)

China auto show reports surging sales amid price war (2015/7/20)

Alternative-energy vehicles sales surge more than 2-fold amid overall sales slump in China (2015/7/17)

Gov't support drives green car sales (2015/7/17)

Chinese car market caught by minimal growth period (2015/7/15)

Suzuki still lagging behind in Chinese market (2015/7/15)

Great Wall proposes collecting 16.8b RMB to invest in new energy vehicle projects (2015/7/15)

China's auto output, sales see slower growth in H1 (2015/7/13)

BAIC reduce 100 million shares in Foton amid the emerging of Borgward (2015/7/10)

China vehicle sales fell for the first time in more than two years (2015/7/10)

Chinese automakers to regain market share through the hot-selling SUV (2015/7/10)

BAIC plans to reduce shares in Foton, potentially in preparation for Foton’s future cooperation with Borgward (2015/7/9)

25000 new energy vehicles produced in China in 2016 H1 (2015/7/9)

Beijing to subsidize imported EV, BMW i3may lower than $58K (2015/7/9)

China's automaker Chery hopes to expand production in Brazilian market (2015/7/8)

China's new energy vehicle production surging (2015/7/8)

Geely invests $45.5 million to develop methanol-fueled vehicles with an Ireland firm (2015/7/7)

Changan Mazda strengthens focus on SUV by launching upgraded CX-5 (2015/7/7)

Toyota,Honda performed well for sensing the right development trend in Chinese market (2015/7/7)

Luxury car brands suddenly unpopular in Chinese market, 4S shops to shut down (2015/7/6)

Brilliance Auto Group denies its holistic listing rumor (2015/7/3)

Chinese domestic automakers’ profit suffered from joint-venture’s price reduction (2015/7/3)

EV battery pack recycling: an emerging super-profitable business in China (2015/7/3)

Malibu helps boost Chevrolet's image in Chinese market (2015/7/1)

China-Australia free trade agreementto create a big market for Chinese auto parts companies (2015/7/1)

Geely plans to launch 4 new SUV models in 2016 (2015/7/1)

Geely helps bring the new ZD D2 electric micro car to Chinese market (2015/6/26)

Haima’s board of directors to temporarily yield a portion of their shares in the company (2015/6/26)

Hafei’s brand remains in Changan while its business focus may alter to spare parts (2015/6/26)

China's electric car production grows three-fold in May (2015/6/24)

U.S. Energy Secretary praises U.S.-China clean energy cooperation (2015/6/17)

FAW Volkswagen declines rapidly in May due to bad management (2015/6/15)

FAW Volkswagen declines rapidly in May due to bad management (2015/6/15)

BAIC BJEV establishes industry alliance to test share mode (2015/6/15)

Qoros will quit Europe auto market temporarily and focus more on domestic market (2015/6/15)

Soueast may work with Mitsubishi on next generation Lancer EX (2015/6/12)

Changan PSA’s DS brand and Alibaba join forces to release new e-commerce platform (2015/6/11)

Dongfeng Infiniti denies reports that its headquarters will be relocated (2015/6/11)

UNEP chief optimistic about China's environment (2015/6/11)

Venezuela to import 181 mln USD worth of Chinese auto parts (2015/6/11)

VW confirmed to produce New Executive Sedan in China from 2016 (2015/6/10)

New government policy encourages technology innovation of electric vehicle on endurance mileage (2015/6/10)

Pang Da Group signs cooperation agreement with Foton Auto on the field of alternative fuel vehicle (2015/6/10)

Lifan’s bets on alternative fuel cars fail to relieve sales slump (2015/6/9)

BAIC targets 10% car weight reduction by 2020with Lightweighting tech (2015/6/9)

FAW-VW denies stock ratio adjustment plans are completed, states that negotiations are still in progress (2015/6/5)

New standards for Chinese automotive after sales industry in the works (2015/6/5)

Booming auto spare parts market in Mideast, North Africa to attract growing Chinese investment (2015/6/5)

Beijing government plans to release related policy of purchasing cars after getting parking spaces (2015/6/3)

Alternative energy vehicle enterprises seldom choose domestic battery due to less profit (2015/6/3)

Chinese carmaker partners with Uber to make headway in U.S. auto market (2015/6/1)

JV enterprises take steps to deal with decreasing growth rates in the Chinese passenger automobile market (2015/5/29)

Toyota announces recall of 2801 Lexus vehicles in China (2015/5/29)

Changan Automobile issues 6b worth of A-shares (2015/5/29)

Vietnam's biggest int'l vehicle, accessory expo starts (2015/5/29)

China's BYD to contribute to green Rio Olympics (2015/5/25)

Localization helps Chinese carmakers thrive in LatAm (2015/5/25)

China Headlines: Made in China, reincarnated (2015/5/22)

Internet technology continues to change automotive industry (2015/5/20)

Beijing works to encourage new energy vehicle sales in the city (2015/5/20)

The separation of Great Wall and Haval attracts investors' high attention (2015/5/19)

Skoda cancels the sales channels of imported models in China (2015/5/19)

Changan Ford decides to recall 170,000 new Mondeo due to the steering engine problem (2015/5/19)

China slashes tax to promote green vehicles, ships (2015/5/19)

Spotlight: Chinese premier's visit to LatAm to enhance capacity cooperation (2015/5/18)

There will be 530 more 4S shops in China this year according the plan of Dongfeng Peugeot (2015/5/14)

The subordinate business changing of Great Wall might lead to the independent operation of Haval (2015/5/14)

Top 3 auto enterprises in China declined in sales of April (2015/5/14)

The battery charging of electric vehicles in Beijing will be charged for service fee by 15% of gasoline price per degree (2015/5/12)

China’s Dongfeng Renault plans to cover all SUV segments (2015/5/12)

J.D. Power: Auto sales of April in China has been more difficult in China (2015/5/12)

Chinese auto giant FAW names new head (2015/5/8)

China Focus: "Internet Plus" fuels Chinese carmakers (2015/5/8)

GAC group plan to release more new models in China SUV market (2015/5/7)

Vietnam's biggest city to offer sightseeing electric cars (2015/5/7)

LA Metro takes delivery of first zero-emissions electric buses from BYD (2015/5/4)

China National Development and Reform Commission: Next auto enterprise punished after Benz due to monopoly will be announced soon (2015/4/28)

Tianjin free trade zone is expected to be the experimental unit for parallel imported car and normalized sales will be tendency (2015/4/28)

Ford: New sales volume target of 2015 in China is 1.3 million (2015/4/28)

"Made in China 2025" to outline future roadmap for manufacturing (2015/4/28)

Xinhua Insight: Chinese brands step upmarket at Shanghai Auto Show (2015/4/24)

Hyundai Motor's Q1 operating profit falls to four-year low (2015/4/24)

BAIC plans to quit Beijing Autoliv (2015/4/23)

Benz announced the target of being top 1 luxury brand (2015/4/23)

Shanghai GM to invest 16 bln USD between 2016 and 2020 (2015/4/23)

China's auto sales expected to exceed 25 mln units in 2015 (2015/4/23)

Electric cars in Norway make headway mixed with growing public debate (2015/4/22)

S.Korea's car exports tumble in Q1 amid surging imports (2015/4/22)

Feature: Chinese solar equipments to light up Rio 2016 Olympics (2015/4/20)

2015 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition will open next week with 109 global debut cars (2015/4/17)

37 auto enterprises in China failed the audit of fuel oil consumption (2015/4/17)

Xinhua Insight: Psychology behind China's "Furious 7" frenzy (2015/4/17)

The official price-off promotions of SVW in China might lead the follow of other auto enterprises (2015/4/15)

The satisfaction of China auto industry declines overall and greatest of SUV (2015/4/15)

Renewable transport fuels increase dramatically in Iceland (2015/4/15)

China’s output of alternative energy automobile in March was over 13,000, increasing by 3 times on year-on-year basis (2015/4/13)

J.D. Power: China will be the biggest single SUV market after 2015 (2015/4/13)

Geely and Volvo to launch new SUV on the CMA platform next year (2015/4/10)

Volkswagen has established special channels for recalling Sagitar and Beetle in China (2015/4/10)

New policies to encourage new energy vehicle usage in Beijing (2015/4/10)

China's electric car production surges (2015/4/10)

Chinese drivers favor second-hand vehicles (2015/4/10)

The 4th factory of Beijing Hyundai has been established in Cangzhou and to be put into production in 2016 (2015/4/9)

Mitsubishi might stop R&D of saloon car and focus on SUV, Pickup and electric car (2015/4/9)

Tesla begins localized operation by purchasing Chinese components (2015/4/9)

Feature: The story, ambition of a Chinese auto manufacturer in Africa (2015/4/9)

Shanghai GM Auto will put 1.0T engine into production to cater the trend of miniaturization (2015/4/1)

China's Changan Ford purchasing Hafei Auto and the 5th factory has been settled recently (2015/4/1)

Since 2014 profit reduced rapidly due to less demand of car,JAC group focus on truck and SUV models for growth (2015/4/1)

The growth of China auto market might keep being 10% instead of increasing rapidly (2015/3/31)

Guangqi Toyota plans to create "Profit Synthesis" by investing more on China SUV market (2015/3/31)

SAIC shuffling subsidiaries, injecting the chassis branch SHAC into Huayu Auto (2015/3/31)

A-Z of 2015 Boao Forum for Asia in spotlight (2015/3/27)

Shanghai GM to produce new small automobile engine in Wuhan (2015/3/27)

Great Wall Haval H8 ready for official market release (2015/3/27)

BMW aims to produce more vehicles directly in China (2015/3/25)

Audi might surpass BMW to become top 1 in luxury car market by the performance in China (2015/3/25)

The net margin of Great Wall Automobile was around 8 billion Yuan in 2014 and Haval H8 will be released soon (2015/3/25)

Changan aims to sell 2m new energy vehicles in 2025 (2015/3/25)

Multinational companies upbeat about Chinese market (2015/3/25)

Chinese company looks at Tennessee for auto-parts plant (2015/3/20)

Chery Jaguar Land Rover: We didn’t stop the sales of localized Evoque in China (2015/3/20)

Over 6000 new energy vehicles sold in China in February (2015/3/20)

FAW Toyota seeks to sell 1m vehicles in 2020 (2015/3/20)

Volkswagen says 52% of Sagitar cars have been recalled (2015/3/20)

BMW leads the auto industry in new-energy vehicles (2015/3/17)

Changan's first electric car EADO EV set to hit the road (2015/3/17)

China investigates auto executive Yunnan official for graft (2015/3/16)

FAW Toyota has released new local LOGO in China (2015/3/16)

Changan Ford will challenge sales volume target of 1 million this year (2015/3/16)

Shenzhen government has invested 5 billion Yuan to support new energy vehicle (2015/3/16)

News Analysis: Hyundai Motor to boost localization after China-S. Korea FTA (2015/3/13)

China February auto sales drop 0.2 pct (2015/3/11)

Discovery Sport tipped to be next Chinese made Jaguar Land Rover model (2015/3/11)

Changan to invest 18b RMB over the next 10 years (2015/3/11)

China February vehicle sales fall 0.2 percent: industry association (2015/3/10)

Benz says the survey is highly coordinated, replying the rumor of 0.5 billion antitrust penalty (2015/3/10)

General Motors will continue to increase the investment in China (2015/3/10)

Fiat-Chrysler alliance will set up new sales company in China (2015/3/10)

Chinese automaker BYD to sell electric cars in S. Korea in 2 years (2015/3/9)

China takes lessons from Japan, past master on slowdown, deflation (2015/3/9)

BRIEF-China's Dongfeng Auto sold 20,567 vehicles in Jan-Feb, down 37.8 pct (2015/3/6)

Ford says Feb China auto sales up 9 pct y/y (2015/3/6)

Chinese automobile manufacturers set sights on export sales (2015/3/6)

Jeep top import automobile brand in China in January (2015/3/6)

JLR China President: Three new locally build Jaguar Land Rover models to be made before 2016 (2015/3/6)

BRIEF-GM says Feb China auto sales up 1.3 percent y/y (2015/3/4)

China's Haima Auto sold 13,815 vehicles in Feb, up 36.35 pct (2015/3/4)

There will be 250,000 more new energy vehicles promoted in China this year (2015/3/4)

SAIC-GM-Wuling aims to invest in new factory in Indonesia (2015/3/4)

Over 2m passenger automobiles sold in China in January (2015/3/4)

Toyota February China sales up 18.6 percent y/y (2015/3/3)

Volvo's Chinese-made car for US looks to zoom past naysayers (2015/3/2)

VW says no guarantee of success in 2015 (2015/2/28)

GM to shut plant, cut jobs in Indonesia, where Japanese dominate (2015/2/27)

Honda CEO to step down, replaced by low-profile engineer (2015/2/27)

News Analysis: China-S. Korea FTA to give opportunity for creating advanced industries (2015/2/26)

Kia Motors CEO says needs India car factory-report (2015/1/23)

American-brand SUV sales on the rise in China (2015/1/23)

First Australian electric car networks planned (2015/1/23)

Australia, China to jointly invest in solar energy (2015/1/23)

There will be a new Beijing Hyundai factory each for North and South China and the capacity will increase by 60% in 2016 (2015/1/22)

The sales growth of imported cars might decline to be the least from the year 2011 (2015/1/22)

Chinese Opel owners worrying about future maintenance as manufacturer plans to leave market (2015/1/21)

Steps being taken to improve new energy vehicle charging infrastructure in China (2015/1/21)

Several auto enterprises have reduced their growth target in 2015 (2015/1/21)

The share of Chinese self-owned brand automobiles declines obviously (2015/1/21)

Volvo: Made in China, exported to the US (2015/1/20)

Qoros seeks new sales terrain with 3 City SUV (2015/1/20)

German stocks - Factors to watch on January 19 (2015/1/20)

Volvo may expand export markets for Chinese-made midsize sedan (2015/1/16)

Chinese automobile sales expected to exceed 25m units in 2015 (2015/1/16)

Two-thirds of BMWs sold in China to be built in the country in the future (2015/1/16)

U.S. electric carmaker Tesla sees great market potential in China (2015/1/16)

N. China to establish new energy vehicle manufacturing base (2015/1/16)

Electrical problem blamed for Washington subway smoke (2015/1/16)

Toyota recalls 48 Avalon sedans in China (2015/1/14)

China to announce new support for new energy cars (2015/1/14)

Cadillac boss: global strategy prioritizes China (2015/1/14)

Beijing pilots street lamp chargers for electric cars (2015/1/13)

China 2014 auto sales up 6.9 pct (2015/1/13)

China Focus: Shanghai auto show may ban sexy models (2015/1/13)

German luxury car sales hit record in 2014 (2015/1/13)

Honda says 2014 China auto sales up 4.1 pct y/y (2015/1/9)

Ford says 2014 China auto sales up 19 pct y/y (2015/1/9)

GM CEO sees U.S. auto market flattening out, but room for growth (2015/1/9)

China's Haima Auto sold 180,870 cars in 2014, up 3.1 pct (2015/1/8)

GM says 2014 China auto sales up 12 percent year-on-year (2015/1/8)

Nissan says 2014 China sales up 0.5 pct (2015/1/8)

VW's Bentley sees new SUV spurring sales surge to 2020 (2015/1/8)

BMW's GM says 2014 China auto sales up 12 pct y/y (2015/1/6)

Opel prepares to cease sales operations in China (2015/1/6)

U.S. stocks slump with diving oil prices (2015/1/6)

Six Chinese automakers recall over 300,000 cars (2015/1/5)

2014 Chinese new energy vehicle sales set to top 60000 units, market draws attention from various manufacturers (2015/1/5)

Luxury automobile dealerships suffer profit decreases as sales growth slows down (2015/1/5)

Foreign automakers taken to task in China over dealers' bloated inventories (2014/12/31)

Toyota to miss China 2014 sales goal of over 1.1 million vehicles: executives (2014/12/31)

2014 Chinese new energy vehicle sales set to top 60000 units, market draws attention from various manufacturers (2014/12/31)

Luxury automobile dealerships suffer profit decreases as sales growth slows down (2014/12/31)

Beijing Automotive gets new E China production base (2014/12/29)

Conference will imagine future of the car industry (2014/12/29)

BMW to help out dealers with up to 5b RMB in funding (2014/12/26)

Mercedes-Benz to grant dealers 1b RMB in funds (2014/12/26)

Chinese new energy automobile sales still lagging heavily (2014/12/25)

New MIIT list for new energy vehicles announced (2014/12/25)

SAIC-GM-Wuling’s new Chongqing factory officially begins operation (2014/12/25)

BYD's prize lures 2015 CRC hybrid car rally racers (2014/12/24)

China's Lifan posts auto sales, to take precautions on swings in Russian rouble (2014/12/24)

China's auto maker opens showroom in Nigeria (2014/12/22)

Geely’s new GC9 to challenge the midsize market next March (2014/12/19)

The investment of GM auto in China will reach 14 billion USD before 2018, aiming to compete with Volkswagen (2014/12/18)

The sales volume of auto market in November appears to increase steadily and the growth will be 10% in 2015 (2014/12/18)

Automobile manufacturers facing complaints regarding excessive VOCs inside their vehicles (2014/12/17)

Nearly 10000 new energy vehicles made in China in November (2014/12/17)

Finnish company develops more energy-efficient winter tyre (2014/12/17)

China November auto sales up 2.3% (2014/12/17)

Daimler's mini car Smart says China will become its top market (2014/12/16)

Over 9700 new energy automobiles sold in China in November (2014/12/16)

Chinese automobile sales continue to grow steadily in November (2014/12/16)

Chinese automobile imports in 2014 exceed 1m mark (2014/12/5)

Chinese automobile imports in 2014 exceed 1m mark (2014/12/5)

Toyota expands Takata air bag recall in Japan, China (2014/12/5)

Toyota to recall 190,000 cars in Japan, China over Takata air bags (2014/12/5)

China's electric car production up in November (2014/12/5)

BYD suffers net deficit over the first three quarters of 2014 (2014/12/3)

GM sales in China expected to be around 3.5m this year (2014/12/3)

Chinese luxury automobile market expected to exceed the US (2014/12/3)

GM says November China auto sales up 5.3 percent year-on-year (2014/12/3)

German auto-maker to reach record production in 2015: industry group (2014/12/3)

Toyota says Nov China auto sales up 2.9 pct y/y (2014/12/2)

Honda says Nov China auto sales down 12 pct on year (2014/12/2)

Lamborghini's sales in China in decline (2014/12/2)

German carmaker sees potential in financing (2014/12/1)

Chery and Subaru reportedly sign exclusive cooperation agreement (2014/12/1)

Changan plans to invest 3b RMB in R&D and management over next five years (2014/12/1)

China to raise oil product consumption tax (2014/12/1)

Mercedes performance car sales may double through 2017-unit head (2014/11/28)

China has largest number of drivers (2014/11/28)

2014 Guangzhou Auto Show exhibits 1095 cars, with 56 debuts (2014/11/27)

Chinese SUV market continues to grow rapidly, draws increasing number of participants (2014/11/27)

Progress still being made on ambitious new energy vehicle policies (2014/11/27)

Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors lift 2014 global sales target on China, emerging markets (2014/11/25)

GM president: U.S. economy holding up, other regions slowing or soft (2014/11/25)

Beijing Hyundai's all-new Sonata debuts in China (2014/11/24)

Dongfeng Citroën's 1st SUV takes a bow in Guangzhou (2014/11/24)

Guangqi Honda targets 1m SUV sales (2014/11/24)

BMW China CEO sees margins narrowing, expects to beat market (2014/11/21)

Changan Auto sees sales to rise around 10 percent in 2015: executive (2014/11/21)

Fiat Chrysler deepen China joint venture to push Jeep brand (2014/11/21)

Volvo Cars plots U.S. resurgence with model overhaul (2014/11/20)

China's rush to green vehicles fuels bubble concerns (2014/11/20)

Japan's trade deficit shrinks 35.5 pct in October (2014/11/20)

Automakers adapt to China's declining luxury car market (2014/11/19)

Volkswagen China growth slows to 10 percent due to capacity limits (2014/11/19)

As China's luxury car wave ebbs, foreign firms seek domestic foothold (2014/11/19)

Three automakers to recall vehicles over fuel pump flaws (2014/11/19)

Sales of cars go online, but shops close the deal (2014/11/18)

Three Chinese auto firms recall 559,882 cars (2014/11/18)

EU mergers and takeovers (2014/11/18)

Fortress Korea car market cracks under German luxury barrage (2014/11/17)

China important market for Spanish auto industry: ANFAC president (2014/11/14)

Manufacturers and insiders look to hybrids to help promote the development of the new energy vehicle market in China (2014/11/13)

Dongfeng Infiniti boasts high hopes for China with the domestic production of the Q50L (2014/11/13)

Shanghai taking large steps to promote new energy vehicle growth in the city (2014/11/13)

As gas prices slide, U.S. car buyers go for size, shun hybrids (2014/11/13)

VW's talks to raise stake in its Chinese joint venture stall (2014/11/12)

Mercedes-Benz to revive Maybach brand for top end S-Class (2014/11/12)

Faurecia aims to double sales in China by 2018 (2014/11/11)

China, South Korea sign 'substantial conclusion' of free trade dea (2014/11/11)

Ford says October China auto sales fall 1 pct y/y (2014/11/7)

New energy vehicles reduce smog (2014/11/7)

Changan Ford commissions 3rd China plant (2014/11/7)

Nissan cuts global sales outlook on China slowdown (2014/11/6)

GM says October China auto sales up 3.2 percent year on year (2014/11/6)

Toyota posts record group operating and net profits for H1, raises forecasts (2014/11/6)

Honda says Oct China auto sales down 5.8 pct on year (2014/11/5)

Honda China sales fall for fourth straight month in October (2014/11/5)

Nissan cuts global sales outlook on China slowdown (2014/11/5)

Nissan says China sales fell 9 pct in October, trims forecast (2014/11/5)

FAW-Volkswagen demanded to submit recall materials (2014/11/4)

Auto quality gap between domestic, foreign brands narrows: study (2014/11/4)

SAIC, Chinese partner with GM, Volkswagen, posts 4.7 pct rise in Q3 net (2014/10/31)

VW profit jumps on record Audi and Porsche sales (2014/10/31)

Volvo unveils new S60L hybrid vehicle (2014/10/29)

Volkswagen to launch over 20 green vehicle models in China by 2018 (2014/10/29)

China's Great Wall sees sales improving next year: executive (2014/10/29)

Honda Q2 profit to rise, but recalls cloud outlook (2014/10/29)

China's auto market growth may halve to 7% this year (2014/10/27)

Ford plans network of Lincoln showrooms (2014/10/27)

Ford Q3 profit drops (2014/10/27)

Promoting new-energies benefits automakers (2014/10/24)

Novelis says China plant to boost sales (2014/10/24)

Tesla to sell cars on Tmall (2014/10/23)

China promotes new-energy buses in Beijing (2014/10/23)

Citroen in top gear with Shanghai sweep (2014/10/21)

Delphi ramps up domestic operations (2014/10/21)

Biggest auto show in central China opens (2014/10/20)

Chinese fully electric taxis put into service in Brussels (2014/10/16)

Kim Soo-hyun unveils Beijing Hyundai ix25 (2014/10/15)

Fujian releases new-energy cars (2014/10/14)

China auto sales slow, new energy cars outshine (2014/10/14)

China Sept. auto sales up 2.5 pct (2014/10/14)

DHL expediting profits from boom in EVs (2014/10/9)

Probes prompt call for urgent changes to auto sales rules (2014/10/8)

GM to sink $14b into China over five years (2014/10/8)

Cars with a mind of their own (2014/10/8)

BMW's latest models start e-mobility revolution (2014/9/30)

Volume of transaction in fourth Auto Expo amounts to 286 million yuan (2014/9/30)

Xinhua Insight: Alibaba chairman's financing firm granted to set up private bank (2014/9/30)

China approves 2 more private banks (2014/9/30)

Natural gas vehicles to grow in China, expert say (2014/9/28)

Navistar, JAC start their engines at new joint Hefei plant (2014/9/28)

China world's biggest car consumer, producer (2014/9/28)

Dongfeng Nissan launches first electric car (2014/9/26)

Youth power fueling China's vehicle sales (2014/9/26)

Dongfeng Infiniti JV to be established soon, will be independent of Dongfeng Nissan (2014/9/25)

Great Wall invested over 2b RMB in R&D in 2014, Chairman says (2014/9/25)

Foton signs agreement to build production site in India (2014/9/25)

Nissan, Dongfeng come together for Infiniti (2014/9/25)

Vietnam's CBU auto imports from China up 187 pct in 8 months: customs (2014/9/25)

Volkswagen seeks higher margins with China-only luxury sedan (2014/9/23)

Business innovation also key to e-car development (2014/9/23)

Great Wall says sales of delayed H8 vehicle may resume in Jan (2014/9/22)

Wanxiang to relaunch Fisker Karma car with 2012 design (2014/9/22)

Africa is key to jump-starting auto industry (2014/9/22)

Africa is key to jump-starting auto industry (2014/9/19)

Chinese carmakers rev up African sales (2014/9/19)

Chinese car exports still in the slow lane (2014/9/19)

Report predicts number of automobiles on Chinese roads to double (2014/9/19)

Government implements stricter policies for official vehicle rentals (2014/9/19)

As competition heats up luxury automobile market, BMW and Mercedes-Benz try to catch up to Audi (2014/9/18)

Guangqi Honda hopes to capture the growing compact SUV market with its new Vezel (2014/9/18)

BYD G5 connects owners with smartphones (2014/9/18)

In China, Volkswagen thinks small to score big (2014/9/18)

Chrysler, VW fined $46 million for unfair pricing (2014/9/15)

FAW-VW antitrust probe sparked by customer complaint (2014/9/15)

Chery sells over 36000 vehicles in August (2014/9/15)

Mitsubishi cars recalled in China (2014/9/12)

Chrysler, VW fined $46 million for unfair pricing (2014/9/12)

China's auto market grow with less share for domestic brands (2014/9/12)

Despite recent anti-monopoly investigation, luxury automobile manufacturers continue to raise prices of certain models (2014/9/10)

China to introduce new series of standards for new energy automobiles, aims to promote development of the industry (2014/9/10)

Lifan's affordable electric car hits market (2014/9/10)

China producing more electric cars (2014/9/9)

China's Jan.-Aug. NEV production up 328 percent (2014/9/9)

Hon Hai to develop electric cars in N. China (2014/9/5)

China-made electric cars heading to US (2014/9/5)

Lifan's affordable electric car hits market (2014/9/5)

JAC electric vehicles head across Pacific (2014/9/5)

HEFEI, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd (JAC) started delivering the components for 100 electric cars to the U (2014/9/4)

China's JAC exports electric cars to U.S. (2014/9/4)

BWM's latest 3 Series ready to hit the road in China (2014/9/1)

Chery opens new auto plant in Brazil (2014/9/1)

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen to use new T STT technology on upcoming models (2014/8/29)

GAC earns net profit of over 1.73b RMB in 2014 H1 (2014/8/29)

BYD earns net profit of 361m RMB in 2014 H1, falling over 15% (2014/8/29)

China, CEE countries seek for more cooperation (2014/8/29)

Chinese EV maker Levdeo announces direct subsidies, eyes set on developing EV market (2014/8/28)

Chinese anti-monopoly investigation of the automotive industry continues to ramp up (2014/8/28)

SUV sales in China still rapidly growing, SUV segment possesses great room for future development (2014/8/28)

Charging toward a new-energy market (2014/8/26)

Industry gearing up for Chengdu Motor Show (2014/8/26)

Audi's New A8 an 'evolution of class' (2014/8/25)

China's carmaker BYD profit falls 15.5 pct in H1 (2014/8/25)

Lifan set to put its foot to the floor (2014/8/22)

New rules mulled for the auto industry (2014/8/22)

Mitsubishi states that automobile imports will be its third pillar in the China market, releases information about upcoming Outlander and Pajero SUVs (2014/8/22)

Used car market hopes to use online platform to develop further (2014/8/21)

New energy automobile market in China making considerable progress thanks to government policies (2014/8/21)

SAIC-GM-Wuling to establish new R&D center, will focus on developing Baojun products (2014/8/21)

Japanese auto parts suppliers fined by China over price monopoly (2014/8/20)

China's new energy car output surges (2014/8/18)

SAIC branch recalls 58,477 vehicles in China (2014/8/18)

Shanxi encourages consumption of new-energy vehicles (2014/8/15)

Probes prompt call for urgent changes to auto sales rules (2014/8/15)

China helps drive growth of UK car industry (2014/8/15)

BMW dealers fined 1.6m yuan over price fixing (2014/8/15)

Opel prepares to leave Chinese market, negotiations with its dealership network continue (2014/8/14)

Sino-Japanese JVs also affected by the recent anti-monopoly investigations (2014/8/14)

Beijing curing "urban diseases" (2014/8/14)

Chinese BMW dealers fined for monopoly (2014/8/14)

Tesla electric vehicle selling in Changsha (2014/8/13)

20-percent more people want to buy new energy cars (2014/8/13)

More than 1,000 auto companies are probed (2014/8/13)

Pudong to host international automobile exhibition (2014/8/12)

Car sales lose out to interest in World Cup (2014/8/12)

BAIC presents official APEC 2014 cars (2014/8/12)

BMW to reduce prices amid antitrust probe (2014/8/11)

Pressure builds on big carmakers (2014/8/8)

S.Korea's auto exports jump on enhanced brand value, lower tariff (2014/8/8)

Japan's carmakers regain market share in China: Fitch (2014/8/7)

Chrysler, Audi under investigation: report (2014/8/6)

BYD launches first factory in Brazil (2014/8/6)

Quality problems top Chinese consumers' complaints (2014/8/6)

Changan auto exec envisions global market (2014/8/4)

Italy can learn from what Germany does in China, former Fiat boss says (2014/8/1)

GM recalls Cadillac sedans in China (2014/8/1)

Volkswagen to invest more into China's car market (2014/8/1)

Govt gives boost to electric cars (2014/7/31)

Foxconn charges into EV batteries (2014/7/31)

China imported 681,000 cars in H1 (2014/7/31)

FAW-Volkswagen works to stay on top (2014/7/30)

Automakers lower prices following monopoly concerns (2014/7/29)

Jaguar to cut prices on 3 models in response to China's auto probe (2014/7/29)

Local brands losing traction (2014/7/29)

Wanxiang finds success in US (2014/7/29)

FAW-Volkswagen works to stay on top (2014/7/28)

Chery automobile plant nearing Brazilian launch (2014/7/28)

Bentley to see China as biggest market: chairman (2014/7/28)

BMW, Aston Martin to recall defective vehicles (2014/7/28)

Hyundai Motor posts double-digit decline in Q2 earnings on strong currency (2014/7/24)

China adds policies to boost new energy car industry (2014/7/24)

Cheaper fuel will aid logistics firms, car owners (2014/7/23)

Niche market automakers win over (2014/7/23)

Shaanxi Automobile steering into Russian and Central Asian markets (2014/7/23)

Additional funds for new-energy vehicles from 2016 (2014/7/23)

With new SUV delayed, Great Wall sales tumble (2014/7/22)

China to boost new energy vehicles (2014/7/22)

Japanese carmakers still facing uphill task (2014/7/22)

GM pushes new strategy as Chinese shift to family cars (2014/7/21)

BMW doubles range of locally made vehicles (2014/7/21)

Volkswagen puts its foot on the pedal (2014/7/21)

Gov't organs in China to buy more new energy vehicles (2014/7/21)

BMW, China's Brilliance extend contract term (2014/7/21)

China, Germany sign trade pacts (2014/7/9)

Further growth expected for auto industry (2014/7/9)

Merkel calls for sustainable development partnership with China (2014/7/9)

Chinese vice premier meets Volkswagen chief (2014/7/9)

Daimler expects sales to surpass Audi, BMW in China this year (2014/7/8)

Volkswagen to build two new plants in China (2014/7/8)

Factory's energy efforts thrill German leader (2014/7/7)

Auto industry gets geared up for expected tech revolution (2014/7/7)

VW receives Chinese approval for two more plants (2014/7/7)

Mazda 6 recalled in China over airbag problem (2014/7/7)

Battery venture gets conditional approval (2014/7/7)

Audi reports record H1 sales in China (2014/7/7)

Sina Auto New Voices of the Future discussion summit focuses on future of Chinese automobile industry (2014/7/4)

Chinese own brand manufacturers suffering in 2014 (2014/7/4)

BMW's $1 billion plant surfs Mexican investment wave (2014/7/4)

German passenger car production increases by 6 pct in H1 of 2014 (2014/7/4)

Toyota says June China auto sales down 7.6 pct y/y (2014/7/3)

Nissan says June China auto sales up 11.1 pct y/y (2014/7/3)

Honda says June China auto sales up 15.8 pct y/y (2014/7/3)

Chery shuts once-top Beijing outlet (2014/7/3)

Skoda's new design DNA (2014/7/3)

Kirchhoff Automotive plans to expand Polish factories (2014/7/3)

Sales of new cars in France gains momentum in June (2014/7/3)

Recall won't hurt GM in China: analyst (2014/6/27)

Qoros 3 Hatch prices announced, taking orders (2014/6/27)

China Focus: China faces tough task in energy revolution (2014/6/26)

13th Shenyang Int'l Auto Expo kicks off (2014/6/26)

Hunan home to joint venture ArcelorMittal auto steel plant (2014/6/25)

BMW extends joint venture with Brilliance China to 2028 (2014/6/25)

Race is on to luxury car market (2014/6/24)

Volvo's China export plans mark new phase in Geely strategy (2014/6/24)

New E-Class Mercedes-Benz unveiled in Xi'an (2014/6/24)

BMW's second upgraded X1 hits the road in China (2014/6/24)

Chinese consumers move from cash to credit to buy cars (2014/6/24)

Nikkei gains 0.13 pct on China's solid data, Wall Street's advance (2014/6/24)

Kunming Hi-Tech Zone makes a shining show in China-South Asia Expo (2014/6/17)

Flexible financing turns Mercedes dream into a reality (2014/6/17)

China's mixed ownership reform advances against headwinds (2014/6/16)

Ford lowers fuel economy rating for six vehicles (2014/6/16)

Shanxi develops first student formula car (2014/6/11)

LNA automobile production value reaches 66.6 billion yuan (2014/6/11)

Sino-Japan economic ties show signs of improvement (2014/6/11)

TRW launches R&D center in Jiading (2014/6/11)

China looks to upgrade manufacturing sector (2014/6/11)

China to ditch dirty vehicles (2014/6/11)

Volvo: On track to lower-key luxury (2014/6/10)

Chongqing Changan Auto's controlling shareholder cuts holdings to 40 pct (2014/6/10)

Kia Motors supplier says new Optima sedan could be launched in 2015 (2014/6/10)

China vehicle sales rise 8.5 pct in May (2014/6/10)

Asian markets await China's inflation data (2014/6/10)

China Beiqi Foton sold 50,187 autos in May, down 11 pct (2014/6/9)

PHNOM PENH, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Rolls-Royce cars, one of the Britain's iconic brand autos, officially launched its first dealership here on Monday with (2014/6/9)

Rolls-Royce taps into demand for luxury cars in Cambodia (2014/6/9)

Honda says May China auto sales up 10.5 pct y/y (2014/6/5)

China-made hybrid engine to power Toyota (2014/6/5)

U.S. big three auto-makers post sales increase in May (2014/6/4)

Southeast Motor in recall over gear faults (2014/6/4)

Auto Special: Volkswagen buckles up child safety (2014/6/4)

Auto Special: Volkswagen buckles up child safety (2014/6/3)

Valeo aims big in China (2014/6/3)

Demand for cars moving into a slower lane (2014/5/30)

BMW to deliver electric cars to China in Sept (2014/5/30)

Google goes completely automatic with new car (2014/5/30)

Data points to improving environment in Ireland (2014/5/29)

Liuzhou companies get $4.5 m in deals at Canton Fair (2014/5/29)

S.Korean shares fall as institutions continue to sell off (2014/5/28)

New cars shine at Kunshan Auto Expo (2014/5/28)

SVW upgrades New Polo for new youth (2014/5/27)

Experts discuss auto aftermarket development in Jiading (2014/5/26)

China voices reservations on WTO auto case ruling (2014/5/26)

WTO circulates panel report on U.S. complaint over Chinese auto duties (2014/5/26)

Auto after-sales services booming; companies chase market share (2014/5/23)

GM recalls more cars, sets new record (2014/5/23)

Zhangjiagang has a technology hub dream (2014/5/22)

Report: Government considering tax cut for imported electric cars (2014/5/22)

GM recalls another 2.6 million vehicles (2014/5/22)

Toyota develops chips for hybrid cars (2014/5/22)

Hyundai recalls more than 140,000 Tucson (2014/5/21)

GM names new top spokesman Cervone (2014/5/21)

BMW to announce its first Mexican car plant in July (2014/5/21)

German business helps carmakers cut emissions (2014/5/20)

BMW Culture Journey fleet to embrace the fascinating color of Guizhou province (2014/5/20)

Government considering tax cut for imported electric cars (2014/5/20)

PLA buys more domestic brand vehicles (2014/5/20)

GM recalls about 2.7 million vehicles in US (2014/5/19)

Johnson Controls divesting auto interiors business to SAIC JV (2014/5/19)

Nissan seeks to jolt EV sales in country and take about 20 percent of market (2014/5/16)

BYD's hybrid car sets new rally record (2014/5/16)

Auto sales see optimistic market in China (2014/5/16)

Auto exports in S. Korea jump 14 pct on demand from China, U.S. (2014/5/16)

Volvo targeting young drivers (2014/5/16)

Struggle to meet new-energy goals (2014/5/13)

Chrysler loses 690 mln dollars in Q1 (2014/5/13)

Passenger car sales back in fast lane in April (2014/5/12)

Honda says April China auto sales down 3.6% (2014/5/12)

ArcelorMittal lowers forecast for global steel demand (2014/5/12)

China's auto output, sales down (2014/5/12)

New organization formed to boost China's EV industry (2014/5/6)

Volkswagen, compact cars dominate German new car registrations in April (2014/5/6)

Nanjing sees rush to buy cars amid rumors of quota (2014/5/5)

Shanghai Auto Museum’s collection pavilion opens (2014/5/5)

Bosch sees huge growth potential in China (2014/5/5)

Honda to double number of models in China: media (2014/5/5)

Chengdu races to be China's new automotive hub (2014/5/4)

TRW Automotive results beat estimates as China sales rise (2014/4/30)

Delphi Automotive reviewing possible violations (2014/4/30)

Top Chinese automaker SAIC to appoint new president (2014/4/30)

134,000 vehicles recalled Q1 in China (2014/4/30)

DS to drive China-made cars overseas (2014/4/29)

Big data reveals trend of Chinese auto market (2014/4/28)

China's industrial profits grow faster in March (2014/4/28)

Chinese companies showcase green tech at U.S. ecological exhibition (2014/4/28)

Big data reveals trend of Chinese auto market (2014/4/28)

Net profit plummets for China's carmaker BYD (2014/4/28)

China Focus: China's automobiles geared for growth despite slowdown (2014/4/25)

GAC, BYD announce new energy vehicle JV (2014/4/25)

Analysis: Green cars accelerate at China automotive show (2014/4/25)

Siemens, BAIC join hands to boost new energy cars' market (2014/4/25)

China's new energy car sales to double (2014/4/25)

SUV the first model by new Dongfeng Renault venture (2014/4/25)

Ford's Lincoln brand to debut in China in seven cities (2014/4/18)

In green car race, Toyota adds muscle with fuel-cell launch (2014/4/18)

Lamborghini helps give parent Audi a technical edge (2014/4/18)

25% of auto-industry super-rich from China (2014/4/18)

Jeep exec says will have deal for China production by end April (2014/4/17)

Tesla CEO to discuss cooperation with Sinopec (2014/4/16)

FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu base produces millionth vehicle (2014/4/16)

Chinese automaker looks to overtake Tesla (2014/4/16)

Hyundai building new-energy vehicle center in E. China (2014/4/14)

Jaguar Land Rover: Five debuts in Beijing (2014/4/14)

China auto sales hit record high (2014/4/14)

S. America tops China's auto export destinations (2014/4/14)

Wall Street Journal (2014/4/11)

Nasdaq suffers biggest loss in 2.5 years on heavy selling (2014/4/11)

Toyota says to recall 6.58 million cars globally (2014/4/10)

China's auto industry booms amid challenges (2014/4/10)

China auto sales rise 9% in March (2014/4/10)

S. Korea signs FTA with Australia for stable energy imports, auto exports (2014/4/9)

Gansu opens the third Tianshui Auto Expo (2014/4/9)

Tianneng storing hope in batteries (2014/4/8)

VW to build plug-in hybrid cars in China (2014/4/8)

Weighty issues remain for Japan, Australia in trade pact talks (2014/4/8)

Beijing subsidizes 7 new energy car models (2014/4/8)

GM says March China auto sales up 7.8 percent year-on-year (2014/4/4)

GM says March China auto sales up 7.8 percent year-on-year (2014/4/4)

Japanese car firms face rocky sales road (2014/4/4)

BEIJING - BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive will recall 232,098 imported and locally produced vehicles from June 18 due to engine problems, Chin (2014/4/4)

BMW China to recall 232k vehicles in China (2014/4/4)

Beijing Auto looking to acquire a brand in Europe and U.S (2014/4/3)

Nikkei gains 1.04% on weak yen, U.S. manufacturing data (2014/4/3)

Honda says March China auto sales down 2 pct y/y (2014/4/2)

Volvo plant shows Xi 300,000th car to China (2014/4/2)

Mercedes all-new CLA debut at China Fashion Week (2014/4/2)

Rush for cars in Nanjing (2014/4/2)

Pave way for new energy cars (2014/4/1)

China's Wanfeng Auto Wheel plans alloy wheel project, total investment at 441.7 mln yuan (2014/4/1)

'Dynamic' Skoda looks to bright future (2014/4/1)

China auto parts maker Wanxiang Qianchao 2013 profit up 15 pct, to set up sales unit (2014/3/31)

China's Dongfeng, fresh from PSA deal, posts strong 2013 profit (2014/3/31)

Three Asian partners reshape their ties (2014/3/31)

Customized financing plans free car owners from worries (2014/3/31)

Hyundai Motor to build fourth factory in China (2014/3/28)

News Analysis: Chinese carmakers accelerate into Brazilian market (2014/3/27)

Hyundai Motor eyes expansion with new China plant (2014/3/27)

In the final analysis, half measures may not be enough (2014/3/27)

Nuclear security a priority (2014/3/25)

China needs nuclear power: former energy chief (2014/3/25)

BYD sales up 13% in 2013 (2014/3/21)

China shares one fifth of BMW global sales (2014/3/20)

Infiniti's Q50 enters top league with powerful engine (2014/3/20)

Hong Kong urgently needs to switch to electrical vehicles (2014/3/19)

New energy vehicle development in China (2014/3/18)

Record auto recalls in 2013 (2014/3/18)

Trade agreements should not be political (2014/3/17)

VW China company day reveals people first focus (2014/3/17)

Government work report revised (2014/3/14)

Xinhua Insight: China's new energy drivers (2014/3/14)

S. Korean shares rise on hopes for Chinese economy (2014/3/14)

Trade agreements should not be political (2014/3/13)

No reining in Chinese vehicle firms (2014/3/13)

China auto sales down from record high (2014/3/11)

Govt ponders raising cap on foreign stakes in auto JV (2014/3/11)

Xinhua Insight: Internet finance gets boost from gov't support (2014/3/10)

Ford to expand China R&D: report (2014/3/10)

CPPCC & NPC FACES: Volvo chairman calls for more mkt-oriented reforms (2014/3/6)

One brand strategy to return to Geely (2014/3/6)

Volvo: New engines efficient, powerful (2014/3/5)

No reining in Chinese vehicle firms (2014/3/5)

Survey: 98% eschew safety seats amid low awareness (2014/3/5)

Geely buys British e-car startup (2014/3/5)

Is the time right for new energy vehicles? (2014/3/3)

Growth in China support stable outlook for auto industry: Moody's (2014/3/3)

BYD 'green' cars get go-ahead for Beijing, Shanghai roads (2014/3/3)

Growth in China, Europe support stable outlook for auto industry: Moody's (2014/2/28)

Rinspeed self-driving car comes to Geneva Motor Show (2014/2/28)

News Analysis: BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism (2014/2/27)

Finland strives to develop clean technology (2014/2/26)

Buyers of new-energy cars exempted from lottery (2014/2/26)

BMW Brilliance's Zinoro puts face on e-mobility (2014/2/25)

News Analysis: Tesla faces bumpy ride in China (2014/2/24)

China's Wanxiang to resume Fisker production (2014/2/24)

Peugeot approves 3-bln-euro capital raise to boost financial assets (2014/2/21)

Mitsubishi recalls ASX vehicles in China, again (2014/2/21)

Chengdu drives auto parts manufacturing (2014/2/21)

Peugeot family gives go-ahead to Dongfeng investment deal (2014/2/19)

Bentley in high gear despite fall in sales (2014/2/19)

Stronger push for 'green' cars (2014/2/18)

BYD-Daimler and ABB partner to solve charging challenge (2014/2/18)

Boom expected in China's car rental sector (2014/2/18)

Boom expected in China's car rental sector (2014/2/17)

DPCA Recalls More Than 9 Thousand Passenger Cars (2014/2/17)

CAAM against lifting limit on foreign stakes (2014/2/17)

New Qoros 3 Hatch set to debut the world in Geneva (2014/2/14)

Vehicle sales accelerate to record (2014/2/13)

News Analysis: China's new energy vehicles fueled up (2014/2/13)

Vietnam's automobile import value rises 10 pct in January (2014/2/11)

Geely gets green light for APEC cars (2014/2/11)

Honda says Jan China auto sales up 33.6 pct y/y (2014/2/10)

China renews support for new-energy cars (2014/2/10)

Daimler 'smart' plan to help ease urban traffic congestion (2014/2/10)

Chicago Auto Show opens for media preview (2014/2/8)

Electronic Car Output Shall Increase 70% in 2014, China is One of Boosters (2014/2/8)

Toyota says Jan China auto sales up 18.1 pct y/y (2014/2/8)

Will GM moves affect China market? (2014/2/7)

China's Geely leads Ukraine's passenger car market (2014/2/7)

Toyota's global output tops 10 mln units in 2013, record profits expected (2014/1/30)

Workers urge VW to build new model at Hanover plant (2014/1/29)

Geely-Volvo developing new, smaller model (2014/1/28)

Premier's visits highlight role of private capital (2014/1/28)

BYD eyes move into Brazil (2014/1/28)

BYD eyes move into Brazil (2014/1/27)

Malaysia to allow foreign companies make small hybrid cars (2014/1/27)

Tesla unveils growth plan for China (2014/1/26)

Tesla Motors begins its foray in China (2014/1/24)

New-energy vehicle (2014/1/23)

Hyundai Motor reports 1st fall in operating profit in three years (2014/1/23)

Brilliance Auto Group reports strong sales in 2013 (2014/1/23)

Infiniti Sales Growth Shall Remain 50% in 2014 in Chinese Market (2014/1/23)

FAW Volkswagen Plans to Build Ethnicity Concept, SUV Will Launch Market in 2017 (2014/1/22)

Chinese ATV maker seeks overseas acquisitions (2014/1/22)

S.Korean shares rise on positive news from China (2014/1/22)

China's industrial output grows 9.7 pct in 2013 (2014/1/20)

Chery “Reformation”: ConsumerBack to First and Second Tier Cities (2014/1/20)

Daimler-backed BAIC Motor revs up $2 bln Hong Kong IPO (2014/1/20)

The Future Plan of Chang’an Suzuki Exposures Out (2014/1/17)

Ford says December China auto sales up 35% YOY (2014/1/17)

Tesla coming to China fully loaded with optimism (2014/1/17)

Premium auto brand gearing up for new season on F1 circuit (2014/1/17)

Top 6 of Auto Industry Remains the same for 4 years (2014/1/15)

S.Korea's car exports hit record high on demand for high-priced models (2014/1/15)

China's automakers shun Detroit show (2014/1/15)

German car parts supplier Continental sales up in 2013 (2014/1/14)

China H-shares hover around 4-month lows, Great Wall Motor sinks (2014/1/14)

China to account for one third of new auto sales (2014/1/14)

Auto Special: Daimler and Mercedes charging ahead in Year of Horse (2014/1/14)

Japanese-brand auto sales soar in China market (2014/1/10)

Beijing's battle for clean air in 2013 (2014/1/10)

China 2013 vehicle sales up 13.9 pct -industry group (2014/1/9)

Japanese cars hit road to recovery in China market (2014/1/9)

China vehicle sales race ahead (2014/1/9)

Nissan says Dec China auto sales up 70.4 pct yr/yr (2014/1/7)

Honda says Dec China auto sales up 60 pct y/y (2014/1/7)

Ford surges, but what if it had said 'yes' in 1924? (2014/1/7)

Local car producers looking to Brazil for growth (2014/1/7)

China's largest auto parts company makes last-minute Fisker bid (2014/1/2)

Hyundai, Kia see weakest annual car sales growth since 2003 (2014/1/2)

GM, Ford issue recall totaling about 1.5m vehicles (2014/1/2)

Honda China output rockets 222% in Nov (2013/12/31)

VW joins rental fray with corporate leasing (2013/12/31)

GM recalls 1.5 mln cars in China over fuel pump bracket (2013/12/30)

Audi to invest $30 billion in next five years (2013/12/30)

Purchase Restriction Makes Automobile Industry Mixed Feeling, Dealers Shall Divided (2013/12/27)

Anqing to become major vehicle parts hub (2013/12/27)

Putting brakes on China's auto industry (2013/12/27)

Liu Zhifeng: The Sales Target of Beijing Hyundai in 2014 will be 1.1 Million and Small SUV will be promoted (2013/12/25)

Great Wall Automobile will continue to be Top1 National Brand by the Sales of 700,000 (2013/12/25)

Anqing to become major vehicle parts hub with special development zone (2013/12/25)

Daimler to build version of C-Class for China (2013/12/20)

Microsoft launches auto innovation center in China (2013/12/20)

GM sees China's market share growing (2013/12/20)

Geely announces vehicle financing venture with BNP Paribas (2013/12/20)

Saab bets on electric cars and China for revival (2013/12/20)

Dongfeng and Renault set up joint venture (2013/12/16)

Australia rolls the fluffy dice on stalling autos sector (2013/12/16)

Wuhan: Detroit of the East gives green light to Renault (2013/12/16)

Car sector maintains growth in November (2013/12/9)

Automakers putting the 'mobile' into mobility (2013/12/9)

Ford says November China auto sales up 47 percent year-on-year (2013/12/6)

CAAM insists restrictions on intl automakers (2013/12/6)

Strong Chinese market to inspire German auto industry: industry association (2013/12/4)

Nissan says Nov China auto sales up 95.7 pct yr/yr (2013/12/4)

Suzuki to produce Authentics in China next year (2013/12/4)

Maserati recalls defective autos in China (2013/12/3)

Auto sales by S. Korean carmakers reduce on Hyundai's sluggish sales (2013/12/2)

Weichai Power Publishes Passenger Car Product Plan, SUV Will Launch Market Next Year (2013/12/2)

Toyota says Nov China auto sales up 40.7 pct y/y (2013/12/2)

SAIC Invests 4.6 BillionYuan into New Energy Car Development, Plug-in Hybrid Car will Mass Production (2013/11/29)

Foreign auto makers change sales strategies as buyers wait (2013/11/29)

Infiniti sees Chinese luxury car market expanding (2013/11/29)

VW recalls 2.6 million cars, including 640,000 in China (2013/11/29)

Mercedes continues planned expansion (2013/11/25)

Electric vs hydrogen: China is battleground for auto giants (2013/11/22)

Infiniti shows confidence at Auto Guangzhou 2013 (2013/11/22)

Insight: Big trucks still rule Detroit in energy-conscious era (2013/11/22)

BMW CEO: Future is in new energy (2013/11/21)

Jaguar Land Rover reveals tailored-for-China models (2013/11/21)

Auto Guangzhou witnesses new Porsche sports cars Asia Premiere (2013/11/21)

Crossover rollouts continue with Porsche, Ford concept at LA show (2013/11/20)

Dongfeng Peugeot Plans to Grab Market Share by Model 301 (2013/11/20)

Chinese consumers spend big in smaller cities (2013/11/20)

Electric car buyers must try their luck in lottery (2013/11/20)

Half Venucia Dealers Realize Profit, 100 Thousand Sales in 17 Months (2013/11/19)

Volkswagen Will Introduce 4 New Energy Car, or China Made in the Future (2013/11/19)

Shanghai Volkswagen Uses Familial Strategy to TakeOver the Market of Third-tier Cities (2013/11/18)

New Car Imported 835 Thousands in First Three Quarters (2013/11/15)

Looking overseas for new-energy vehicle ideas (2013/11/14)

New Energy Vehicle Forum looks to streamline green cars (2013/11/14)

FAW will Built Plant in Algeria, Annual Yield around 30 Thousand (2013/11/14)

Mexico becoming Nissan's export hub for Americas: CEO (2013/11/14)

GM to move international headquarters to Singapore from China (2013/11/13)

Chinese Auto Manufacture and Sales Increase 13% in First 10 Months, Market Demand Thriving (2013/11/13)

Look overseas for new-energy vehicle ideas, Chinese firms urged (2013/11/13)

Commercial Ministry: Encouraging New Energy Companies Using Foreign Investment by Different Channels (2013/11/12)

Great Wall new collection C70 will Launch Market at End of This Year, Will Join Guangzhou Auto Exhibition (2013/11/12)

China's auto industry picks up in October (2013/11/11)

Strong sales bode well for car industry (2013/11/11)

Shen Long Reforms its Sales Region Quietly, Will Increase 4 Sales Regions (2013/11/8)

Vehicle sales still driving fast (2013/11/8)

A new move by Honda to rival in China's market (2013/11/7)

Ford says October China auto sales up 55% (2013/11/7)

S.Korean shares end flat ahead of major events (2013/11/6)

Chery Pauses Expansion, New Car Produced in Dalian Base Next Year (2013/11/5)

Expanding network as Volvo gears up for local production (2013/11/4)

Over 50% Growth in Sales Makes Cadillac Counterattack in China (2013/11/4)

Steel industry sees a brighter third quarter (2013/11/1)

S. Korea's exports rise to new monthly high on IT, auto demand (2013/11/1)

China's auto recalls surge (2013/11/1)

Korean Cars Joins Top 4 of Chinese Auto Market for 1st-time (2013/10/31)

The Minibus Factory of Changan Auto in Hebei Has Been Put into Production (2013/10/31)

China's BYD forecasts 2013 earnings may rise seven-fold (2013/10/31)

Dongfeng Peugeot Sales of First 9 Months Exceed Dongfeng Citroen Did, General Manager Jianian Pan Home Stay (2013/10/30)

Booming auto industry opens doors to European companies (2013/10/30)

Toyota keeps top spot in auto sales rankings, outselling GM, VW (2013/10/29)

Dongfeng weighs benefits of investing in Peugeot (2013/10/29)

Shanghai Volkswagen opens Ningbo plant (2013/10/25)

Auto Special: Volkswagen Group starts new-energy vehicle offensive in China (2013/10/25)

The Hyundai Group Exceeds Nissan in Sales of First 3 Quarters (2013/10/24)

Deng Zhiyou May Replace Xu Liuping for Chairman of CCAG (2013/10/24)

Guess who may play role in Detroit's real estate renaissance (2013/10/23)

China-Germany auto joint venture to produce transmissions (2013/10/23)

Honda Will Introduce 12 New Cars in China Next 3 Years (2013/10/22)

BMW Mini Made in China Doubt, New Generation Mini May Launch Market in 2015 (2013/10/22)

Zhangjiagang promotes auto import and export (2013/10/22)

The Export of Autos Decreases for 5 months & May Continue (2013/10/21)

Xinhua Insight: China's general aviation market not yet soaring (2013/10/21)

GM's global sales rise 4.6% in first 9 months (2013/10/21)

Safety issues arise over Chinese Ford Kuga (2013/10/21)

The Sales of Mazda in China Stops Decreasing Temporally (2013/10/16)

Alcoa CEO to be feted by US-China Committee (2013/10/16)

Chinese scientist may have discovered the future of batteries (2013/10/16)

Liuzhou hosts China-ASEAN vehicle exhibition (2013/10/15)

Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles (2013/10/15)

New FAW-Volkswagen plant marks next step in expansion (2013/10/15)

Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles (2013/10/14)

September vehicle sales race to robust increase (2013/10/14)

Changhe Suzuki Will Launch Small SUV and Localization May be in 2015 (2013/10/12)

September vehicle sales race to robust increase (2013/10/12)

Budget SUVs eye young explorers (2013/10/12)

China auto sales up 20 percent in September (2013/10/11)

JMC Invests 197 Million Yuan for an Engine Project (2013/10/10)

Ford's China sales to stun Japanese rivals (2013/10/10)

Dongfeng mulls 30% stake in PSA Peugeot (2013/10/10)

Dongfeng Prepares Buying 30% Shares of PSA by 10 Billion Yuan (2013/10/9)

JMC Invests 197 Million Yuan for an Engine Project (2013/10/9)

Zibo seeks partners in New York (2013/10/9)

Dongfeng mulls 30% stake in PSA Peugeot (2013/10/9)

BAIC to launch several new models in future two years (2013/10/8)

CAPSA DS to make profits in three years (2013/10/8)

Car firms shifting focus (2013/10/8)

New policy on green cars (2013/10/8)

Forget Showrooms: Luxury Car Brands Take New Road in China (2013/9/29)

Vice President of Brilliance BMW Sales Tong ZHU: Acceding on Mountain Top (2013/9/29)

Infiniti: Will Cooperate Distribution Channel with Dongfeng Nissan (2013/9/29)

VW steps up S. China push with Guangdong expansion (2013/9/27)

FAW-Volkswagen FoShan Plant Finished, First Golf 7 Rolled Off (2013/9/26)

China's first limo and Chinese leaders (2013/9/26)

VW mulls bigger stake in JV (2013/9/26)

Chang ' an own-brand cars to be sold in Russia next year (2013/9/25)

QOROS first model to be launched by the end of 2013 (2013/9/25)

Auto Special: New chapter for Daimler as it enters 100th year in China (2013/9/25)

Shanghai Volkswagen Dealers Will Sell Imported Volkswagen, Touareg Won’t Made In China (2013/9/24)

Lamborghini bullish on India as China sales wane (2013/9/24)

'Three guarantees' aimed at improving natl auto industry (2013/9/24)

Automobile component industry gears for upgrade (2013/9/24)

Subcompact SUV grows by 200% in former 8 months (2013/9/23)

GAC Honda nine-generation Accord fights back with new technology (2013/9/23)

New electroplating park to boost automobile industry in Liuzhou (2013/9/23)

Big wheels keep turning (2013/9/23)

Sino-Japanese economic ties chill amid political disputes, hopes remain (2013/9/18)

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen recalls 13,000 vehicles (2013/9/18)

Auto Sales Thriving in August Slack Season, Manufacturers Confident in Fourth Quarter (2013/9/17)

Is anger over foreign-auto price mark-ups short-sighted? (2013/9/17)

Chinese exporters re-group (2013/9/17)

Talk of over-pricing puts automakers in hot seat (2013/9/17)

2013 China Intl Auto Parts Expo kicks off in Beijing (2013/9/16)

Talk of over-pricing puts automakers in hot seat (2013/9/16)

Interview: China key to our globalization strategy: Infiniti global chief (2013/9/16)

Concept cars shine at Frankfurt Auto Show (2013/9/16)

Lexus Sales Goal increases, 30% Sales shall from Hybrid in China (2013/9/16)

Honda unveils China tailored all-new Accord (2013/9/16)

Chang'an pushes for overseas expansion (2013/9/12)

Electric vehicles may have major share in less than 20 years: Bosch board member (2013/9/12)

New Energy Vehicle Allowance Policy Will Published, Local Regulations Might Unified (2013/9/12)

China's auto sales up 10.28 pct in August (2013/9/11)

Audi in China to strengthen "All Wheel Drive" strategy (2013/9/11)

Shanghai Volkswagen August sales rise by 26.4% year-on-year (2013/9/11)

Illegal vehicle imports hurt 'everyone' (2013/9/11)

Break Manufacturer Monopoly: Dealer Management Regulation Expected Change in November (2013/9/10)

SAIC GM Wuling Recalls 54,566 Baojun 630 (2013/9/10)

Interview: Chinese auto makers will become important competitors: German association chief (2013/9/10)

Survey to update 27-year-old Chinese anthropometric data (2013/9/9)

Ford Sales Hits Record High for 4 Months, 46% Growth in August (2013/9/9)

JAC August sales increase by 12.4% (2013/9/6)

Infiniti domestic production strategy speeds up (2013/9/6)

Volvo car sales up 5% in Aug, Chinese sales up 66% (2013/9/6)

Mazda Sales Declines 20% in First 8 Months in China (2013/9/5)

Auto expo to open in Liuzhou (2013/9/5)

Car makers set to gear up for more growth (2013/9/5)

GM says August China auto sales up 11.2 pct y/y (2013/9/4)

UAW president pushes for 'works council' at VW Tennessee plant (2013/9/4)

Nissan says August China auto sales up one percent (2013/9/4)

S. Korean shares rise on global economic recovery (2013/9/4)

GAC Group Profit Decreases 17.76% Frist Half Year (2013/9/4)

Automakers look to drive sales overseas (2013/9/4)

High cost of imported cars in China (2013/9/3)

About 10 mln new automobiles in China this year (2013/8/30)

Volkswagen pioneers westward movement in China (2013/8/30)

BYD Cut into The Internet of Auto, will Apply into Upper Medium Model (2013/8/30)

China's auto recalls surge (2013/8/29)

Volvo's China plant goes operational (2013/8/29)

Chengdu to host Motor Show 2013 in August (2013/8/29)

JAC pushing new energy vehicle planning (2013/8/28)

Toyota, Nissan, Honda's global output decline in July (2013/8/28)

Own-brand Autos accelerate into the field of auto finance (2013/8/28)

JAC Devolves Management to Local, Rethink Its Strategy Mistake (2013/8/28)

Mercedes-Benz to outline strategic plan for China (2013/8/28)

BYD Profit Expected Increased Substantially in First Half Year (2013/8/27)

BMW Destination X to race through N. Europe (2013/8/27)

Experts urge changes to curb foreign carmaker profiteering (2013/8/26)

Great Wall Net Profit Increases 70% Mid-term, Research Green Model (2013/8/26)

Chengdu Motor Show 2013 to kick off next week (2013/8/23)

Vietnam's imported automobiles up in first 7 months (2013/8/22)

Auto festival rolling along in Datong (2013/8/22)

Regulation to protect car owners' interests (2013/8/21)

China Red Flag Cars see revival (2013/8/20)

Chang'an Auto to buy JV stake from parent (2013/8/20)

Personnel shifts: Shanghai General Motors, GM China (2013/8/20)

Small strides, big gains in the online world of trade (2013/8/19)

Chinese entrepreneurs look to tap Web growth (2013/8/19)

Volkswagen Plans 4 Million Sales, Occupies 20% Market Share of China At Least (2013/8/16)

NW China to drive auto market growth (2013/8/16)

German parts spring up and down roots (2013/8/16)

Pearl River Delta to ban gov't autos on bad air days (2013/8/15)

Association to probe foreign automakers (2013/8/15)

Auto Special: 'smart times' wraps up urban car's summer-long party (2013/8/14)

Trademark squatter an obstacle for Tesla Motors (2013/8/14)

BMW Brilliance begins engine plant construction (2013/8/13)

Tianjin guideline the latest bid to restrict new car sales (2013/8/13)

VW: No rush to mass-produced electrics (2013/8/12)

Tianjin guideline the latest bid to restrict new car sales (2013/8/12)

Keep waiting, Volkswagen postpones launchits electric automobiles into China (2013/8/9)

Shanghai Volkswagen sales increased 11%, rises 20% this year (2013/8/9)

Guidelines aim to fine-tune private auto warranties (2013/8/9)

BMW Brilliance eyes sustainable e-car biz model (2013/8/9)

Skoda sales network extended to 3rd and 4th-tier cities (2013/8/8)

BAIC to restructure Zhenjiang Auto and complete five bases layout (2013/8/8)

Tesla's plans for China are on a roll (2013/8/8)

Nissan China target: 10% market share (2013/8/6)

KIA China 2013 sales target raised 4% to 52,000 (2013/8/6)

BMW-Brilliance to recall over 140,000 cars (2013/8/6)

New energy vehicles await fuel injection (2013/8/6)

Hyundai Motor sees China slowdown, Nissan to bounce back (2013/8/2)

France's largest auto maker halves loss to 426 mln euros in first half year (2013/8/1)

Hyundai Motor sees China slowdown, Nissan to bounce back (2013/8/1)

Auto production as China's most profitable sector (2013/8/1)

BMW China partner falls on Ministry rejection (2013/7/31)

Auto Special: Audi making milestones in Chinese market (2013/7/30)

Chery exec plans new car company (2013/7/29)

As carmaker bets Arrizo can stop sales slide (2013/7/29)

In bid to compete, luxury Japanese brands go local (2013/7/29)

Xi’an power group tapping into global markets (2013/7/26)

China NDRC: To hike gasoline, diesel prices about 4% (2013/7/25)

Tencent and Chery scramble for 'QQ' trademark (2013/7/25)

Lu Jianhui leaves Chery to start new auto group (2013/7/25)

BYD rises on China plan for energy-saving cars (2013/7/25)

JAC exports 57000 vehicles to Brazil (2013/7/24)

Infiniti at turning point as it ramps up localization (2013/7/22)

Export slowdown puts damper on plans to go global (2013/7/22)

BAIC mulls electric IP acquisition (2013/7/22)

Chinese automakers rev up overseas expansion (2013/7/19)

General Motors edges out Volkswagen in China (2013/7/19)

Honda aims to make Acura in China by 2016 (2013/7/19)

7 Chinese auto companies on Fortune 500 list (2013/7/19)

General Motors edges out Volkswagen in China (2013/7/18)

China adjusts anti-dumping duties for Nissan (2013/7/18)

GM first-half sales post 3.9 pct increase (2013/7/17)

Passenger car sector outlook brightens (2013/7/17)

Used car sales surpass new car sales in Beijing (2013/7/17)

Dealers withdraw from Chery over integration instability (2013/7/16)

Ford arrives late to Chinese market (2013/7/16)

Auto sales rise steadily in China (2013/7/16)

China's H1 industrial output up 9.3% (2013/7/15)

New frontiers but no easy money in the car market (2013/7/15)

Carmakers encouraged to enter second-hand business (2013/7/15)

Seoul shares slip as automakers tumble, eyes on China (2013/7/12)

Sales of second-hand cars accelerate, lift retail sales (2013/7/12)

China auto sales pick up in first half (2013/7/11)

Asiana plane was far below target speed before San Francisco crash (2013/7/10)

Renault, Dongfeng form joint venture (2013/7/10)

Renault-Dongfeng deal expected this month (2013/7/9)

Porsche car designer Pinky Lai geared up for China (2013/7/9)

Late to the Chinese auto market, Ford aims to catch up with new cars, new plants, new attitude (2013/7/9)

Hebei capital restricts autos (2013/7/8)

BAIC plans acquisitions in country, abroad (2013/7/8)

Hebei capital restricts autos (2013/7/8)

PSA Peugeot Citroen's Chinese JV opens 3rd plant (2013/7/3)

Sparking interest in all-electric cars (2013/7/1)

Mixed outlook for EV makers in China and US (2013/7/1)

Daimler creates dedicated China sales operation at Stuttgart HQ (2013/6/27)

GM to invest $691 million in Mexican operations (2013/6/27)

Ford chairman nearly doubles stake in supervoting shares -filing (2013/6/27)

GM's LaCrosse gearbox garners complaints (2013/6/27)

Chief finance officer at Geely's Volvo Cars steps down (2013/6/25)

Geely Group donates 20 more SUVs to Ya'an earthquake area (2013/6/25)

Chery to set up assembly plant in Malaysia (2013/6/25)

China to phase out electric vehicle subsidies (2013/6/24)

With help from Chinese auto plants, Volvo hopes to thrive (2013/6/24)

Chinese car sales fall in Australia (2013/6/24)

Driven by auto shows, sales rally to continue through June (2013/6/24)

Shanghai GM to build Cadillac plant in China (2013/6/20)

GM says China luxury vehicle demand slower than expected (2013/6/20)

US auto giant GM breaks ground on China Cadillac plant (2013/6/20)

Ford doubles engine capacity in China (2013/6/20)

Denza eyes to be top quality green car (2013/6/19)

GM's mini-vehicle JV breaks ground on production plant (2013/6/19)

Fisker's China (dis)connections (2013/6/19)

GM aims for 10 percent of China's luxury car market by 2020 (2013/6/19)

Revival of Red Flag car brand (2013/6/18)

Latest youth initiative from Mercedes-Benz (2013/6/18)

China helps Volkswagen steer clear of Europe's car crisis (2013/6/18)

JCI looks to private equity to sell auto electronics unit: sources (2013/6/18)

Lifan sees Africa as gateway to world (2013/6/18)

CEO: Volkswagen's ties to China grow stronger (2013/6/17)

Local brands looking overseas (2013/6/17)

Jinguan Auto, Hymer Group launch RV JV (2013/6/14)

China car sales growth slows (2013/6/14)

China fuels EU trade dispute with talk of luxury car tax (2013/6/14)

Changan poised to sell JV cars at home and abroad (2013/6/14)

Lifan sees Africa as doorway to world (2013/6/14)

Auto maker MG unveils new car in Britain (2013/6/13)

Great Wall aims to double both production capacity and staff by 2015 (2013/6/13)

India's Apollo Tyres to buy Cooper Tire for $2.5 billion (2013/6/13)

Daimler rolls out new S-Class Mercedes and new production chief (2013/6/13)

France's Hollande says EU, China must resolve trade disputes (2013/6/9)

Mercedes-Benz unit targets 15% growth (2013/6/8)

Taiwan: Auto stocks under pressure on sales forecast downgrade (2013/6/8)

Volvo factory to compete with China rivals (2013/6/8)

China eyes EU luxury cars as trade dispute rages (2013/6/8)

High-end manufacturing holds the key (2013/6/8)

China's SAIC Motor says May auto sales up 9.96 pct y/y (2013/6/7)

Auto Special: Volvo brings more than leaders to global forum (2013/6/7)

Sinotruk secures export orders for 14,000 trucks (2013/6/5)

GM says May China auto sales up 9.4 pct y/y (2013/6/5)

Volvo hopes to hit target early with new China plant (2013/6/5)

Toyota sees first sales increase since Jan (2013/6/5)

Auto Special: Benz initiative stresses after-sales service (2013/6/5)

BAW SA expects monthly sale of at least 200 minibuses in S. Africa (2013/6/4)

Toyota says May China auto sales flat yr-on-yr (2013/6/4)

With new China plant, Volvo hopes to hit 2020 sales goal early - exec (2013/6/4)

GM boosts exports of China-built cars to supply emerging markets (2013/6/4)

China to 'lead global economic growth' (2013/6/3)

Toyota to make batteries in China (2013/6/3)

China unveils top machinery, auto manufacturers (2013/5/31)

Auto industry faces uphill challenges: Experts (2013/5/31)

Lifan takes aim at American market (2013/5/31)

SAIC to resume delivering electric cars at subsidized prices (2013/5/30)

Guangqi Honda breaks ground on 3rd plant (2013/5/30)

Luxury car dealer plans IPO in Hong Kong (2013/5/30)

BMW to invest 100m euros in China (2013/5/29)

Luxury car dealer takes to the road (2013/5/29)

Guangzhou Auto surges by limit on policy change (2013/5/29)

Symbol of Chinese privilege challenging Audi (2013/5/29)

China Automotive Electronics Forum in Dalian (2013/5/29)

China, Uruguay eye further cooperation (2013/5/28)

SUV segment sparks surge in light vehicle sales (2013/5/28)

Guangzhou Automobile shares jump 7% on rebound in sales (2013/5/27)

GM recalls defective Cadillacs in China (2013/5/23)

China surge in car dealers likely to sap profit, Bernstein says (2013/5/23)

Tata Motors falls on likely luxury car tax in China (2013/5/23)

GM recalls defective Cadillacs in China (2013/5/22)

Volkswagen expands car production in China (2013/5/22)

JAC's US electric car deal seen as modest step (2013/5/22)

Chinese market welcomes Indian companies, Li says (2013/5/22)

Imported car prices fall 3.4% in April (2013/5/22)

Geely roars past its sales growth target (2013/5/21)

JAC's US electric car deal seen as modest step (2013/5/21)

BYD's electric taxis hit Hong Kong roads with big ambitions (2013/5/21)

Chinese automobile sales up despite weak economy (2013/5/21)

Consolidation as Dongfeng deals for Fujian Motor (2013/5/21)

Volkswagen plans brand tie-up with FAW (2013/5/20)

NY City bridge repairs can't span US-China steel divide (2013/5/20)

Japanese marques showing signs of comeback (2013/5/17)

Beijing Auto releases first Saab-based model ahead of listing (2013/5/17)

Volkswagen sales up on demands from China, North America (2013/5/16)

Chinese auto firms sprouting up fast in Detroit (2013/5/16)

Dongfeng sets for stake in Fujian Motor (2013/5/16)

Volkswagen to open new plant (2013/5/16)

Volkswagen sales up on demands from China, North America (2013/5/15)

Automakers map out sales plans in Africa (2013/5/15)

Auto sales see optimistic market in China (2013/5/14)

Luxury brands up service level as competition grows (2013/5/14)

BAIC hires Mercedes CLS designer Peter Arcadipane (2013/5/14)

Chinese auto firms sprouting up fast in Detroit (2013/5/14)

Japanese marques showing signs of comeback (2013/5/13)

Q1 profits, Hongqi revival drive rally of FAW stock (2013/5/13)

Austerity puts luxury car sales in slow lane (2013/5/10)

Taiwan: China Motor forecasts 4% drop for commercial cars (2013/5/10)

April passenger vehicle sales rise 16.6% (2013/5/10)

Scalable innovation in China: Automakers' next step? (2013/5/9)

JAC's US electric-car deal seen as modest step (2013/5/9)

ZF Friedrichshafen sees domestic market as key to Asia-Pacific region (2013/5/9)

China March auto sales hit record high (2013/4/12)

China's Q1 auto sales top 5.42m units (2013/4/12)

Nissan concept car Friend-me to debut at Shanghai auto show (2013/4/12)

SAIC Motor March sales up 17% at 462508 cars (2013/4/11)

Volvo to launch new V40 at Shanghai auto show (2013/4/11)

Continental Tires plans major retail expansion in China (2013/4/11)

The latest version of 2013 Query system for China Automotive Industry Manufacturers will be published (2013/4/12)

FAW delivers more than 500 Hongqi H7s (2013/4/10)

Interior pollution problem in mass-market car brands (2013/4/10)

Car sales back on fast track (2013/4/10)

Car parts found to contain toxic contents (2013/4/10)

BMW executive aays new China sub-brand could be exported (2013/4/9)

China's SAIC Motor says March auto sales up 17 pct yr-on-yr (2013/4/9)

GM Korea's contingency plan provokes union ahead of talks (2013/4/9)

Ford says Focus tops world car sales in 2012 (2013/4/9)

BYD to build electric bus assembly plant (2013/4/8)

FAW Group execs under investigation (2013/4/8)

Chinese car prices edge higher in February (2013/4/8)

Japan automakers' China sales struggle drags into 2013 (2013/4/8)

Chinese group Chery Automobile plans to manufacture engines and gearboxes in Brazil (2013/4/7)

Subsidies for green cars not bringing expected results (2013/4/7)

Carmakers, get behind the wheel of the Web (2013/4/7)

Subaru recalls 9,641 vehicles on Chinese mainland (2013/4/7)

Nicolas Cage hired by China’s BAIC Motor to promote Senova cars (2013/4/3)

Honda's China March car sales down 6.6% on year (2013/4/3)

Toyota's China sales still head downhill (2013/4/3)

Nissan says March China auto sales down 16.6 pct yr/yr (2013/4/3)

SAIC still most profitable among domestic makers (2013/4/2)

Government gives Chinese auto brands greater chance (2013/4/2)

Investors looking to Brazil as India's auto sales slow (2013/4/2)

Subsidies for green cars not bringing expected results (2013/4/2)

China likely to be top market for Jaguar again in coming year (2013/4/2)

Shanghai car plate auction hits new highs (2013/4/1)

Volkswagen eyes China's low-end auto market (2013/4/1)

Volvo to launch first new car with Geely in '14 (2013/4/1)

GM wants Chinese drivers styling in Cadillacs (2013/3/29)

Renault-Nissan CEO delays China growth plan (2013/3/29)

GM wants Chinese drivers styling in Cadillacs (2013/3/29)

BYD fielding electric taxis in Hong Kong, buses in Bogota (2013/3/28)

China to resume electric car subsidies (2013/3/28)

VW targets 60% increase in China production by 2018 (2013/3/28)

China, South Africa agree to boost ties (2013/3/27)

VW targets 60% increase in China production by 2018 (2013/3/27)

GM sees Cadillac sales in China tripling over next 3 years (2013/3/27)

S.Korea's auto body concerned about trade deal with China, Japan (2013/3/27)

Tier-3, 4 cities to drive auto market recovery (2013/3/27)

Dealer cheating causes havoc at Volvo's China unit (2013/3/26)

Volkswagen's Audi plans to continue investing in Taiwan (2013/3/26)

China's Geely won't make final bid for Fisker stake-sources (2013/3/26)

VW shifts gears, issues record recall (2013/3/26)

Volvo car to start production in China (2013/3/26)

Audi to open one new dealership weekly in China (2013/3/25)

Ukraine car import tax to affect Chinese makers: expert (2013/3/25)

VW shifts gears, issues record recall (2013/3/25)

Govt departments purchasing more locally made cars (2013/3/25)

BMW's China car sales could rise by double-digit rate in 2013 (2013/3/22)

Govt departments purchasing more locally made cars (2013/3/22)

FAW to get procurement boost (2013/3/21)

Guangdong to boost new energy auto industry (2013/3/21)

China will save the electric car, Nissan CEO says (2013/3/21)

Govt departments purchasing more locally made cars (2013/3/21)

VW recalling 384,000 cars (2013/3/21)

One in four Bentleys sold in China last year (2013/3/21)

Toyota says February China auto sales down 45.7% (2013/3/4)

BMW: Growth steady, outlook strong (2013/3/4)

New Beijing emissions levels 'a big challenge' (2013/3/4)

BYD's profit slumps as sales disappoint (2013/3/4)

Beijing VI emission standard may hurt Chinese cars (2013/2/28)

FAW-VW offers fattest year-end bonus (2013/2/28)

Driving design across two industries (2013/2/28)

Geely sets profitability plan for new British acquisition (2013/2/27)

Nissan January and February China sales likely down around 20% (2013/2/27)

Pirelli to pump $200m into Chinese plant (2013/2/27)

China based automakers are planning to compete with Toyota Motor Corporation (2013/2/26)

Chinese automakers need to spend more to become globally competitive (2013/2/26)

BMW, Audi set pace in dealership networks (2013/2/26)

Roewe: Govt sales solution to sharp competition (2013/2/26)

BMW, Audi set pace in dealership networks (2013/2/25)

Roewe: Govt sales solution to sharp competition (2013/2/25)

Crackdown on government cars begins in earnest (2013/2/22)

Chinese group Zhejiang Geely to start selling cars in Brazil in August (2013/2/22)

What's driving the auto sector? (2013/2/22)

GM buys back 1% stake in SAIC joint venture (2013/2/21)

Geely to set up facility in Sweden (2013/2/21)

Japanese car sales to China set to recover amid yen fears (2013/2/21)

Nissan's Infiniti goes racing for profits in China (2013/2/20)

Electric cars sales sag in China (2013/2/20)

Geely leading China bids for US' Fisker (2013/2/20)

Beijing Auto reverses gear on Aston Martin (2013/2/19)

FAW-VW restructuring sales, staff (2013/2/19)

Great Wall in SUV bid to climb upmarket (2013/2/19)

Beijing bans polluting petrol-powered cars (2013/2/18)

China's first limo and Chinese leaders (2013/2/18)

France's PSA Peugeot Citroen posts record loss in 2012 (2013/2/17)

Strong China sales spur automakers' global success (2013/2/16)

Luxury car sales in overdrive (2013/2/16)

Renault to recall over 60,000 cars in China (2013/2/16)

Geely spins off ailing taxi business (2013/2/8)

January vehicle sales surge 45.4 percent (2013/2/8)

China's auto sales, output jump in January (2013/2/8)

BAIC Group's own brand sales weak (2013/2/6)

China key to Infiniti's plans for premium auto market (2013/2/5)

Boost expected for local cars (2013/2/5)

Executive: A new VW brand for low-priced segment (2013/2/5)

Belarusian-Chinese cars 'definitely competitive' (2013/2/4)

China car sales to grow 6-8% this year, luxury faster (2013/2/4)

Executive: A new VW brand for low-priced segment (2013/2/4)

Geely completes black cab takeover (2013/2/4)

Shanghai licence plates 'precious as gold,' says vice mayor (2013/2/1)

Chinese firm wins A123 despite US tech transfer fears (2013/2/1)

Shaanxi Fast Auto plans its first overseas factories (2013/2/1)

Macau: Car sales accelerated in 2012 (2013/1/31)

China's used car market outpaces new sales growth (2013/1/31)

Audi has the most satisfied customers in China (2013/1/31)

China's Wanxiang wins approval to buy US battery maker (2013/1/30)

Mazda China confronted with three major problems (2013/1/30)

Volkswagen considers a low-cost car for China (2013/1/29)

VW to continue DSG strategy in China (2013/1/29)

Michelin opens $1.5b factory in Shenyang (2013/1/29)

Volvo, Dongfeng to build joint venture (2013/1/28)

Beijing to maintain car quota for 2013 (2013/1/28)

Beijing to tighten car emission rules (2013/1/28)

Spring Festival rental car travel gains in popularity (2013/1/28)

Hyundai Motor's Q4 profit falls despite record car sales (2013/1/25)

JAC aims to be top maker of electric vehicles (2013/1/25)

Fiat sees at least 100000 Jeeps made in China in 2014 (2013/1/25)

Emission of major pollutants reduces in China (2013/1/25)

Geely gains credit for its efforts in CSR (2013/1/24)

Younger buyers hoping to get in the driver's seat (2013/1/24)

Beijing to introduce stricter automobile emission rules (2013/1/24)

Audi's vision for continued reign in 2020 (2013/1/22)

Car rental business booming in Tianjin (2013/1/22)

Stalled Jeep regaining traction (2013/1/21)

Daimler support for partner's IPO plans in Hong Kong (2013/1/21)

Volvo suffers 11% sales drop, despite surging luxury sector (2013/1/18)

Mercedes-Benz to sell limited-edition cars on Weibo (2013/1/18)

GAC signs deal with Fiat, Chrysler to build Jeeps in China (2013/1/18)

Draft rules limit light vehicle emissions (2013/1/17)

Luxury automakers see bright future (2013/1/17)

Jaguar Land Rover expects to expand in Chinese market (2013/1/17)

GM may expand in China beyond plans for two new factories (2013/1/16)

China will make more cars than Europe this year (2013/1/16)

Warranties protect car buyers (2013/1/16)

Volkswagen's 2012 sales up 24.5% in China (2013/1/16)

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- China has pledged to vigorously curb vehicle exhaust emissions after hazardous air pollution has shrouded parts of the co (2013/1/15)

China's lingering pollution prompts curbs on auto emissions (2013/1/15)

China helps drive Rolls to record year (2013/1/15)

Great Wall Motors reports 28 pct sales growth in 2012 (2013/1/14)

China continues as world's top automaker, market (2013/1/14)

Latest chapter in Saab story now set in Qingdao (2013/1/14)

China biggest target for global automakers (2013/1/14)

US world's biggest new energy car buyer (2013/1/11)

China biggest target for global automakers (2013/1/11)

China Investment Corp eyes Daimler stake (2013/1/10)

Brilliance's sales grow over 18% in 2012, aims to sell 750000 vehicles in 2013 (2013/1/10)

Vehicle sales overtake Europe in 2012 (2013/1/10)

Chinese city reported to buy stake in Saab (2013/1/9)

Renault may begin working on automobile factory in Wuhan this year (2013/1/9)

Ford sells over 626000 vehicles in China in 2012, total sales grow 21% (2013/1/9)

VW's Audi says 2012 China car sales surge 30% (2013/1/9)

JAC breaks new ground with auto plant (2013/1/9)

Cambodia unveils 1st home-made cars (2013/1/8)

Closer trade link develops with Chile (2013/1/8)

Volkswagen starts car rental business (2013/1/8)

Chinese drivers question new traffic rule (2013/1/7)

Rising recalls: New law, media scrutiny (2013/1/7)

Brazil's auto sales reach record high in 2012 (2013/1/6)

Brazil's auto sales reach record high in 2012 (2013/1/5)

Shanghai offers car incentives (2013/1/4)

Antique car investment set to boom in China (2013/1/4)

Super sports car makers look to ignite passions on the mainland (2013/1/4)

Toyota eyes 9.9 mln global auto sales in 2013, up 2 pct (2012/12/27)

BYD exports three electric cars to Thailand (2012/12/27)

Fire hits Toyota factory near Bangkok (2012/12/25)

November sales in upward trend (2012/12/24)

Modern facilities, global reach for Jaguar Land Rover (2012/12/24)

Chinese producer wants to increase its interest in Manganese to 80% (2012/12/24)

Geely seeks control of London cab maker (2012/12/24)

Dah Chong Hong bullish about mainland auto market prospect (2012/12/21)

Uncertain times for Japan car sales in China (2012/12/20)

smart is continuously thrilling Chinese consumers (2012/12/20)

Auto Special: Daimler executive Walker recalls many milestones (2012/12/19)

BYD to make electric buses in US (2012/12/19)

Intelligent vehicles on show at LA Auto Show (2012/12/7)

GM may join forces with China's SAIC in SE Asia (2012/12/7)

Toyota sales decline slows (2012/12/4)

Japan's new car sales in China plunge in Nov (2012/12/4)

China approves company's acquisition plan for U.S. battery maker (2012/12/3)

16,237 Toyota, 17,853 SAIC vehicles recalled (2012/12/3)

Stronger auto recall rules effective Jan 1 (2012/12/3)

GM's China JV invests 6.6 bln yuan to set up new plant (2012/11/30)

Allure of luxury cars fading (2012/11/30)

Rising numbers, new products (2012/11/30)

BMW optimistic about market growth (2012/11/29)

Geely to set up auto plant in Brazil (2012/11/29)

Minister quantifies China's auto industry growth (2012/11/28)

New-energy vehicle conference eagerly awaited (2012/11/27)

Japanese car makers sticking with China market despite sales slump (2012/11/27)

China car market may require 'Two Fords' (2012/11/27)

BMW sees room for more growth in China's luxury car market (2012/11/27)

Auto Special: Rising numbers, new products by Jaguar Land Rover (2012/11/27)

Ferrari: Torrid pace in sales growth continues (2012/11/27)

New Baojun-brand plant for GM joint venture (2012/11/27)

Japan brands fend off rivals at China auto show (2012/11/23)

Ford accelerates growth of dealer market in China (2012/11/23)

Fiat touts Italian style in China car challenge (2012/11/23)

Auto Special: Ferrari: 20-year route to success in China (2012/11/23)

Auto Special: Mercedes expresses confidence in the future (2012/11/23)

Jaguar land rover and Chery Automobile set cornerstone for new chinese manufacturing partnership (2012/11/22)

Car market forecast upbeat (2012/11/22)

BMW group in China (2012/11/22)

Compact SUV concept comes to life with Q3 (2012/11/22)

Auto Special: CEO of Volkswagen Group China: Continued growth and innovation (2012/11/22)

China October vehicle sales up 5% year on year (2012/11/21)

Subaru puts brakes on rival Toyota in China (2012/11/21)

Construction on Chery-Jaguar Land Rover JV starts in east China (2012/11/20)

Citroen-Peugeot eyes China amid European slump (2012/11/20)

Chery goes upmarket in link with Jaguar (2012/11/20)

Children's car seats still a rarity (2012/11/19)

Industry gearing up for Guangzhou show (2012/11/19)

Qingdao bonded harbor turns into car import port (2012/11/16)

U.S. retail sales down 0.3 percent in October (2012/11/15)

Toyota to recall 2.77 mln vehicles over steering glitch (2012/11/15)

Geely sales in October exceed 48000 units (2012/11/15)

China's Dongfeng sales rise 15% (2012/11/14)

Analysis: Hyundai's focus on quality risks emerging market share (2012/11/14)

GM, Ford sales in China rise despite slowdown in economic growth (2012/11/13)

Recalling faulty vehicles in China (2012/11/13)

Dongfeng Motor recalls 24146 passenger cars (2012/11/13)

Analysis: Hyundai's focus on quality risks emerging market share (2012/11/13)

First Qoros model from Sino-Israeli partnership (2012/11/13)

BYD: Sales jolt from zero-down loans (2012/11/13)

Chinese cars gaining popularity in the Saudi Arabia (2012/11/12)

BYD: Sales jolt from zero-down loans (2012/11/12)

NDRC urges auto industry consolidation (2012/11/9)

China's passenger car market picks up (2012/11/9)

Car dealers posted gloomy results in H1 (2012/11/7)

Japanese investors 'will not exit China' (2012/11/7)

US auto giants see sales surge in October (2012/11/7)

GM says October China auto sales up 14% year on year (2012/11/6)

China's GAC to make an appearance at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show (2012/11/6)

Government offers incentives to domestic electric-vehicle buyers (2012/11/6)

US auto giants see sales surge in October (2012/11/6)

China's SAIC profit growth slows on weak economy (2012/11/5)

China now number one for Jaguar Land Rover (2012/11/5)

Audi putting RS muscle in China import lineup (2012/11/5)

Dongfeng Motor third-quarter profit hammered by China-Japan row (2012/11/2)

China to have 1.5m natural gas vehicles by 2015 (2012/11/2)

Jaguar gets nod to set up first JV in China (2012/11/2)

China's Geely hits auto export target early (2012/11/1)

China amends auto recall rules, penalties tougher (2012/11/1)

Ferrari firm recalls 16 Maserati in China (2012/11/1)

Infiniti to suspend exports to China (2012/11/1)

Dalian builds Bonded Area motor city (2012/10/31)

China amends auto recall rules, penalties tougher (2012/10/31)

Honda cuts forecasts, hopes for China recovery in February (2012/10/30)

China clears Jaguar venture (2012/10/30)

BYD profits may slump 98% year-on-year (2012/10/30)

JAC exports 500 light trucks to Brazil (2012/10/30)

Domestic auto lineup looks overseas (2012/10/30)

Fortune 500 Chinese car company enters Sri Lanka (2012/10/29)

Domestic lineup looks overseas (2012/10/29)

Electric vehicle industry in the slow lane (2012/10/29)

China's Buffett-backed BYD inks first overseas deal on electric cars (2012/10/25)

Japan firms may invest less in China (2012/10/25)

Sales strong for Jaguar Land Rover in China (2012/10/24)

China's electric cars lag behind in global race (2012/10/24)

Nissan to cover vehicle damage in China (2012/10/23)

China's Dongfeng to build transmissions with Germany's Getrag (2012/10/23)

China's electric cars lag behind in global race (2012/10/23)

Dongfeng looks overseas for R&D (2012/10/22)

Truck firms revving up (2012/10/22)

Chinese manufacturers grapple with trade slowdown (2012/10/18)

Peugeot sales rise as Chinese snub Japanese cars (2012/10/18)

Dongfeng Motor establishes overseas R&D center (2012/10/18)

Toyota reportedly to suspend China plant (2012/10/17)

China-Japan dispute could give Big Three boost (2012/10/17)

Maruti Suzuki revamps top-selling India car as rivals circle (2012/10/17)

Toyota to halt production for a week in Tianjin (2012/10/17)

Chinese carmakers JAC and Chery to open factories in Brazil (2012/10/16)

Massive recall latest in Toyota's woes (2012/10/16)

Great Wall Motors defies industry slowdown (2012/10/16)

Supercars with Chinese face (2012/10/15)

Businessman's auto giveaway lauded (2012/10/12)

Rural subsidies for autos, appliances 'likely' (2012/10/11)

Chery, Jaguar Land Rover JV gets official approval (2012/10/11)

Honda says September China auto sales down 40.5% year on year (2012/10/10)

Daimler constructs new $2.4b plant in Beijing (2012/10/10)

GM says Sept China auto sales up 1.7 percent on year (2012/10/9)

Chinese auto producer sets up plant in Brazil (2012/10/9)

Hyundai Sept car sales recover after strikes end (2012/10/8)

Tough new Beijing emission standard latest blow to domestic brands (2012/10/8)

Military tech put to use in everyday applications (2012/10/8)

Some drivers plan legal action against Beijing Benz (2012/9/29)

BYD's VP quits amid gloomy prospects (2012/9/29)

Chinese slowdown haunts premium carmakers at Paris show (2012/9/29)

Truck deals, pent-up demand boost September U.S. auto sales (2012/9/29)

Sanctions weigh on Chinese tyre exports (2012/9/28)

City on the move (2012/9/28)

Geely forges a health defence against in-car air pollution (2012/9/27)

Beijing Benz C-class cars could be a health risk (2012/9/27)

Assembly lines halted by islands row (2012/9/27)

China's toll fee exemption boosts holiday auto rentals (2012/9/26)

New sales head at Volvo (2012/9/26)

Toyota to roll out fewer luxury cars due to protests in China (2012/9/25)

Japanese auto companies suspend marketing in China (2012/9/25)

Hyundai Motor, BAIC set up China auto financing venture (2012/9/25)

Toll fee exemption boosts holiday auto rentals (2012/9/25)

Japan carmakers face $250m in lost China output, new risk (2012/9/24)

Guangzhou embraces global Car Free Day (2012/9/24)

Toyota, Nissan, Honda brace for violent protests over control of islands claimed by Japan, China (2012/9/24)

GM opens China test track in effort to remain market leader (2012/9/24)

New hurdle for Japan's carmakers (2012/9/24)

Japanese car sales decelerate in China (2012/9/21)

Toyota, Nissan, Honda brace for violent protests over control of islands claimed by Japan, China (2012/9/21)

Japan carmakers face $250 mln in lost China output, new risk (2012/9/21)

Auto Special: Jaguar Land Rover rolls out nationwide campaign (2012/9/21)

China's car makers cut corners to success (2012/9/19)

Shanghai auto plate prices reach record high (2012/9/19)

Golden Week holiday spurs car-rental frenzy (2012/9/19)

Buyers bid up prices for plates (2012/9/19)

Shanghai scales back car-free day (2012/9/18)

Toyota chairman to visit China (2012/9/18)

US files trade complaint against China over auto subsidies (2012/9/18)

Anti-Japan protests hit related stocks hard (2012/9/18)

S. Korea's trade surplus reduces to 2 bln USD in August (2012/9/17)

Taiwan's carmakers see shrinking revenues in August (2012/9/17)

BAIC plans IPO to boost own-brand cars (2012/9/17)

Japan's action on Diaoyu Islands harms ties with China (2012/9/14)

"Purchase" of Diaoyu Islands could cost Japan (2012/9/14)

Successful Indian auto executives moving to China (2012/9/14)

GM chief in China, Kevin Wale, to retired (2012/9/14)

China's car industry needs to change gears (2012/9/13)

Sales of Japanese cars in China drop sharply from Senkaku dispute (2012/9/13)

2012 Global Auto Forum kicks off in Chengdu (2012/9/13)

U.S. cautions Japan, China over escalating islands row (2012/9/12)

Consumer finance set to boom in China (2012/9/12)

China Aug vehicle sales up 8.3 percent, pickup seen in autumn (2012/9/11)

Japan to buy disputed isles in move bound to infuriate China (2012/9/11)

Fisker to enter China's electric car market (2012/9/11)

BMW takes lead in efficient, innovative driving experience (2012/9/10)

Vehicle sales increase, but dealers still see profits drop (2012/9/10)

Toyota aims to double China car sales to 1.8 million by 2015 (2012/9/7)

Diplomatic row hurts Japanese car sales in China (2012/9/7)

S.Korea's imported car sales jump 16 pct in August (2012/9/6)

GM turns to China to crack India's tough car market (2012/9/6)

Chery to recall over 18000 cars from overseas (2012/9/5)

German car makers still see growth in China (2012/9/5)

Saab story continues for Youngman (2012/9/4)

Volkswagen to set up auto parts factory in Tianjin (2012/9/4)

Chinese auto industry's empty slogans no match for R&D (2012/8/31)

BMW's China partner H1 profit rises 42% (2012/8/31)

Ford readies Lincoln launch in China by 2014 (2012/8/30)

Jinzhou establishes China Automobile Parts Manufacturing Base (2012/8/30)

Chery to recall 18,000 vehicles from overseas (2012/8/30)

Hyundai Motor starts work on China joint venture (2012/8/29)

GM sees Cadillac near U.S. luxury car market top soon (2012/8/29)

Ford readies Lincoln launch in China by 2014 (2012/8/29)

BYD targeting for 20% of Chinese EV market (2012/8/28)

Ford breaks ground on China plant key to growth plans (2012/8/28)

A danger zone for China's auto inventories? (2012/8/28)

Russian auto maker to produce electric car with Chinese parts (2012/8/27)

Dongfeng begins export of self-developed Fengshen (2012/8/27)

Some China carmakers look overseas as domestic demand stalls (2012/8/27)

Home truths on Chinese investment (2012/8/27)

Top automakers gather in Dalian auto show (2012/8/27)

New & strategic industries to boost China growth (2012/8/17)

Self-driving cars set for future highways (2012/8/17)

Chery Auto January to July exports up 26.1% (2012/8/16)

Chery Auto January to July exports up 26.1% (2012/8/15)

Chinese automakers build overseas plants (2012/8/15)

China fears new car restrictions (2012/8/15)

Hangzhou's EV project goes forward, gets vague on scope (2012/8/14)

Hangzhou's EV project goes forward, gets vague on scope (2012/8/14)

BMW in China explains Europe's best new bonds (2012/8/14)

UK finds source of investor support in China (2012/8/14)

NDRC raises prices of gasoline and diesel (2012/8/13)

Xi'an hits reverse on car restriction (2012/8/13)

China's July auto sales rise 8.2 pct (2012/8/10)

Home-made auto sales up 3.6 pct in Jan-July period (2012/8/10)

Toyota to invest 500 mln USD in Brazil for engine production (2012/8/10)

U.S. battery maker A123 may be rescued by Chinese group (2012/8/9)

China's carmakers look overseas as domestic sales sputter (2012/8/9)

Slowing car sales in China hit BYD (2012/8/8)

BMW car sales gain in July on China, Russia demand (2012/8/8)

GM reports record sales in July (2012/8/7)

Car repair shops go into overdrive (2012/8/7)

Over 700,000 Honda CR-Vs sold in China (2012/8/6)

Should Ford go cheap in China? (2012/8/6)

Chinese probe clears electric battery in deadly accident (2012/8/6)

Auto inventories critically high (2012/8/6)

Continental AG raises 2012 targets after strong second quarter (2012/8/3)

BMW Brilliance plans new engine plant (2012/8/3)

U.S. to keep antidumping duties on tapered roller bearings from China (2012/8/2)

Hyundai to take on Nissan with China-only car (2012/8/2)

China's Youngman Auto eyes control of Germany's Viseon bus (2012/8/1)

Lamborghini sees 20-30% rise in supercar sales (2012/8/1)

Local brands feel squeeze (2012/8/1)

Beijing Auto sells record bond as banks reluctant to give loans (2012/7/31)

FAW accused of copying parts (2012/7/31)

International auto show opens in northeast China city (2012/7/31)

China slowdown to weigh on results, outlook of Nissan, rivals (2012/7/30)

China mulls shutting near-bankrupt automakers (2012/7/30)

China's auto sales expected to hit 20 mln in 2012 (2012/7/27)

Toyota regains top global auto sales spot, with VW in pursuit (2012/7/27)

Hyundai second-quarter net up 10 percent as European sales surge (2012/7/27)

Automakers report bumpy first half as profits decrease (2012/7/27)

Great Wall Motor says profits up 30 pct (2012/7/26)

Daimler defies slowdown worries to keep earnings target (2012/7/26)

China's car exports zooms 28% in first half (2012/7/25)

Volvo to expand offering in China (2012/7/25)

Car maintenance becomes big business in China (2012/7/25)

Volvo to recall 279 imported trucks in China (2012/7/24)

Despite bumps in the road, auto market powers ahead (2012/7/24)

Domestic automakers see a grim future (2012/7/23)

Luxury car owners call for better service (2012/7/23)

Despite ambitions, growing gap in battery-powered cars (2012/7/19)

Planned surge for electric vehicles (2012/7/19)

Auto brands falter as industry growth brakes (2012/7/19)

Toyota to exhibit new hybrid vehicle in Jilin (2012/7/17)

Auto brands falter as industry growth brakes (2012/7/17)

Half-year auto sales remain in fast lane (2012/7/16)

5m greener vehicles on the streets by 2020 (2012/7/16)

China to boost electric car industry (2012/7/16)

Brilliance Auto produces 800000th Zhonghua car (2012/7/13)

Over 9.59m automobiles sold in China in the first half of 2012 (2012/7/13)

Tata to buy Chinese auto parts at 'unbelievable' prices (2012/7/13)

Skoda to manufacture Rapid and Yeti in China in 2013 (2012/7/13)

New energy vehicles sales in China from January to June just over 3500 units (2012/7/13)

Chinese auto shares fall after Guangzhou car sale cap (2012/7/4)

Shanghai VW produces eight millionth sedan (2012/7/4)

Geely in the process of moving factories, risks losing significant manpower (2012/7/4)

Mitsubishi to bring several new models to China, as its global sales continue to fall (2012/7/4)

China's car limits 'upset the apple cart' (2012/7/4)

Fiat's Marchionne, 'we will bring Alfa Romeo to China' (2012/7/4)

Chery to begin selling automatic version Tiggo in early July (2012/6/27)

Great Wall exports over 37000 vehicles from January to May (2012/6/27)

Lifan to invest 670m yuan to research EV battery technology (2012/6/27)

Nissan says to build new $785m China car factory (2012/6/27)

Chinese city of Wenzhou sells 1400 cars to reduce costs (2012/6/27)

Skoda to manufacture Rapid and Yeti in China in 2013 (2012/6/27)

China product quality watchdog yet to determine if VW DSG gearbox issue requires recall (2012/6/21)

Dongfeng Yueda Kia's third factory to be completed in 2014 (2012/6/21)

First Citroen DS Store opens in China (2012/6/21)

Official list of tax-exempt energy efficient vehicles in China includes large cars for the first time (2012/6/21)

Mercedes-Benz to set up Western China business headquarters in Sichuan (2012/6/20)

Geely debuts new self-developed transmission technology (2012/6/20)

China to do more to foster development of new energy vehicle industry (2012/6/20)

Toyota eyes new auto plant in China's Tianjin (2012/6/20)

Ministry of Commerce releases new list of tax-exempt new energy vehicles (2012/6/20)

Youngman accepts its failure to acquire Swedish manufacturer Saab (2012/6/18)

Hyundai aims to sell 1.32m vehicles in China in 2012 (2012/6/18)

US considers auto parts action against China (2012/6/18)

VW reshuffle reflects China market's power (2012/6/14)

China's Geely says May auto sales up 5.5% (2012/6/14)

Beijing officials ensure that registration plate lottery will continue for remainder of 2012 (2012/6/14)

FAW sells over 230000 vehicles in May (2012/6/14)

Beijing to implement new policies to lower automobile emissions (2012/6/14)

Beijing to implement new policies to lower automobile emissions (2012/6/14)

Automobile sales in China exceed 1.6m units in May (2012/6/14)

Disparities exist between EV test cities in China, study reveals (2012/6/7)

China drivers pose fresh risks for foreign insurers (2012/6/7)

China's Chongqing subsidises rural car buyers (2012/6/7)

Changan to receive 300m yuan in funds from Chinese government (2012/6/7)

FAW-VW Sales VP being investigated by Chinese authorities for corruption (2012/6/7)

Ministry of Commerce releases new list of tax-exempt new energy vehicles (2012/6/7)

Mazda sales in China fall 16% in May (2012/6/5)

Yulon-Nissan lowers its prices in car-price war (2012/6/5)

Ford researching possibility of setting up new own brand in China (2012/6/5)

Sales of imported automobiles in China grow over 21% in April, while dealers continue to struggle (2012/6/5)

China beats US as world's top auto market (2012/6/4)

GM China head forecasts automobile demand nearing end of slump (2012/6/4)

BYD shares in China and Hong Kong recover following exploding taxi incident (2012/5/31)

China auto dealer Zhongsheng buys 70% of German custom specialist (2012/5/31)

Pangda to set up 12 JVs (2012/5/31)

Upcoming JMC SUV rumored to be the Ford Escape (2012/5/30)

VW China's extended warranty for DSG gearboxes causes confusion among dealerships (2012/5/30)

Brilliance BMW discussing establishing new own brand (2012/5/30)

Government mulling on new policies to aid automobile industry in China (2012/5/30)

Infiniti targets Chinese market with new Hong Kong base (2012/5/29)

Warren Buffett-backed BYD slumps after crash in China (2012/5/29)

Nissan opens new "Infiniti" headquarters in HK (2012/5/24)

BMW stresses sustainable production in its new China plant (2012/5/24)

Nissan aiming for 10 percent of China luxury car market (2012/5/23)

Automaker planning to promote its own brands (2012/5/22)

Shanghai car plate auction hits new high (2012/5/21)

Another foreign factory for Chery as home market stalls (2012/5/21)

Daimler, BYD hope luxury Denza will spark China e-car sales (2012/5/18)

Auto Special: Ferrari opens three-year exhibition in Shanghai (2012/5/18)

Far behind rivals, Ford tries to play catch-up in China (2012/5/17)

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe (2012/5/17)

Auto sales see optimistic market in China (2012/5/15)

Far behind rivals, Ford tries to play catch-up in China (2012/5/15)

China automakers look overseas as local slowdown pinches (2012/5/14)

Dongfeng nameplate given new life (2012/5/14)

New home for international automotive R&D in Shanghai (2012/5/14)

Shanghai sets up auto R&D center (2012/5/10)

Car sales stay on road to recovery (2012/5/10)

Chinese economy grows beyond manufacturing industry (2012/5/9)

Chery expect car exports to hit 200k (2012/5/9)

Toyota says China sales in April up 68 percent (2012/5/8)

FAW hopes to rev up its Hongqi brand (2012/5/8)

Profit tumble for domestic automakers (2012/5/8)

S.Korea's auto sales grow 6.5% in April (2012/5/3)

BASIS POINT-Chery seeks $951 mln loan for Jaguar Land Rover JV (2012/5/3)

BJ Auto Show: Green car development faces hurdles (2012/5/2)

China auto market laggards chase premium profile (2012/5/2)

Netizen designs become VW reality at Beijing show (2012/5/2)

Ford to build new assembly plant in eastern China (2012/4/20)

Mini electric cars fill gap in China as official EVs sputter (2012/4/20)

Ford invests $760 mln for new China plant, more capacity (2012/4/20)

GM in deal to buy stake from Chinese partner (2012/4/19)

China sets focus on electric, hybrid cars (2012/4/19)

Mercedes-Benz to recall near 300 A-Class and B-Class vehicles in China (2012/4/18)

AQSIQ begins collecting user feedback regarding problems with VW gearboxes (2012/4/18)

Renault to produce cars in China with Dongfeng (2012/4/17)

Chrysler 300C may be available in China by June (2012/4/17)

Ageing Piech maintains iron grip on Volkswagen (2012/4/17)

BMW, Ferrari recall imported vehicles (2012/4/16)

Fiat unveils new Viaggio model to be made and sold in China (2012/4/16)

Mercedes-AMG hailed for excellence (2012/4/16)

Dongfeng Honda Ciimo to hit Chinese markets later this month (2012/4/13)

Sales of Lexus hybrids from January to March grow 25% (2012/4/13)

VW unit Skoda posts record first quarter (2012/4/13)

Chinese automaker Chery reports slight increase in exports last month (2012/4/12)

Shanghai GM recalls over 6350 Buick Enclaves in China (2012/4/12)

Car market returning to steady, stable development (2012/4/12)

Prices of China-made autos fall (2012/4/11)

Geely officially announces logo change (2012/4/11)

Honda eyes new models, strong growth in China (2012/4/11)

Car market returning to steady, stable development (2012/4/11)

New BYD-Daimler all-electric brand (2012/4/10)

Chery: Brazil supply chain to aid local production (2012/4/9)

Imported SUVs continue climb (2012/4/9)

Volvo to spend $11b over coming years (2012/4/9)

HQ of proposed Dongfeng Volvo JV may be located in Hangzhou (2012/4/1)

Daimler and BYD launch new electric car brand (2012/3/31)

SAIC Q4 net up 67% on demand for GM and VW marques (2012/3/31)

Nation gets serious about seatbelt use (2012/3/29)

Dongfeng Motor sees its vehicle sales up 15 pct in 2012 (2012/3/29)

China's No.2 automaker's net profit down 4.6 pct in 2011 (2012/3/28)

Mazda China may be seeking to obtain exclusive rights to sell imports in China (2012/3/28)

China imports over 98000 vehicles in February (2012/3/28)

Chinese, South African presidents discuss bilateral cooperation (2012/3/27)

Volkswagen is planning a new low-cost car brand destined for emerging markets, the head of research and development at the VW car brand told German ma (2012/3/27)

Volkswagen plans low-cost car brand (2012/3/27)

JLR, Chery partner for new joint venture (2012/3/26)

Company Special: Mercedes-Benz unveils All-New M-Class SUV (2012/3/26)

China's Geely hopes to get Volvo JV approval in H1 (2012/3/23)

VW counters Fiat's Marchionne on EU capacity role (2012/3/23)

China urges recall of Renault Megane, Scenic models (2012/3/22)

Auto Brands Must Play by New Rules to Win Over Chinese Consumers (2012/3/22)

Still a China outsider, Volvo banks on 'Linsanity' appeal (2012/3/22)

Jaguar, Chery strike JV deal (2012/3/22)

China urges recall of Renault Megane, Scenic models (2012/3/21)

Volvo banking on 'Linsanity' to boost car sales (2012/3/21)

Nissan to spin off China JV's heavy truck biz to partner -report (2012/3/20)

The possibility of GAC making Chryslers in China cannot be ruled out, president says (2012/3/20)

Shanghai's car plate auction hits new high (2012/3/19)

Automakers watch, wait amid market slump (2012/3/19)

Car-sellers' cheat in China (2012/3/16)

SAIC confident in MG brand and new MG5 (2012/3/16)

China's quality watchdog urges Volkswagen to probe DSG defects (2012/3/15)

BAIC aiming to expand its own brand ventures (2012/3/15)

China's Lingyun acquires German car-lock maker Kiekert (2012/3/14)

Chinese automobile industry finally experiences negative growth (2012/3/14)

China February car sales surge 26.5 pct yr-on-yr (2012/3/14)

FAW Car sees large fall in profits in 2011 (2012/3/12)

Reports: Land Rover links with Chery for newest JV (2012/3/12)

Shanghai Volkswagen tops auto satisfaction survey (2012/3/9)

Toyota to recall 681,500 Camrys, Venzas, Tacomas in N. America (2012/3/9)

GM recalls 18204 Chevy Captiva and Opel Antara SUVs in China (2012/3/9)

Brilliance BMW's new Shenyang factory to begin operation in Q2 (2012/3/9)

Geneva Motor Show opens to media (2012/3/8)

Chinese automaker Chery exports jump almost 60% in February (2012/3/7)

Porsche to recall over 20000 Cayenne SUVs in China due to headlight flaw (2012/3/7)

Fujian Motor denies rumors of acquisition by BAIC (2012/3/7)

Changan Ford to make Kuga in China, JV CEO announces (2012/3/6)

China's SAIC says Feb auto sales rise 29.7 pct y/y (2012/3/6)

Toyota's ambitious plan for No 1 global market (2012/3/5)

Through Alliance, G.M. to Take a Stake in Peugeot (2012/3/2)

China revises air quality standards, including PM2.5 (2012/3/2)

Audi targets steady earnings this year (2012/3/2)

Rumors appear regarding possible merger between Dongfeng Peugeot's two brands (2012/3/1)

Changan to release ten new models in 2012 (2012/3/1)

Rumors appear regarding possible merger between Dongfeng Peugeot's two brands (2012/3/1)

China auto recalls up 55 pct in 2011 (2012/2/29)

Dongfeng Yueda Kia own brand to be called Dianyue (2012/2/29)

Retail sales in Japan exceed forecast (2012/2/29)

Foreign cars may be shut out of govt fleet (2012/2/29)

China seeks to abandon foreign car brands for govt fleet (2012/2/28)

Audi-led foreign automakers may be shut out of Chinese government fleet (2012/2/28)

Great Wall Motor opens first EU car plant (2012/2/28)

Geely to build cars in Egypt (2012/2/27)

Sales of new Toyota Prius begin in China, prices start at 229800 yuan (2012/2/27)

Ford plays catch-up in China with new plan, dealerships (2012/2/27)

Chery Land Rover JV to be based in Jiangsu, valued at 17.5b yuan (2012/2/24)

Daimler to invest $1b with China's Beiqi in truck venture (2012/2/24)

Ford expects moderate growth in China this year (2012/2/23)

SAIC-GM-Wuling sets 1.35m sales target for 2012 (2012/2/23)

Geely, Volvo to set up China JV, plans joint brand (2012/2/23)

Chinese carmaker opens plant in Bulgaria (2012/2/22)

New and used vehicle sales in Beijing grow in January (2012/2/22)

China's Great Wall opens first EU car plant (2012/2/22)

Dongfeng minitruck starts production in Thailand (2012/2/21)

Despite a slow start, year still holds promise (2012/2/21)

SAIC MG5 to make market debut in March (2012/2/21)

Mazda CEO plays down capital ties, says in project talks (2012/2/21)

Geely to introduce seven new models in 2012 (2012/2/20)

Aston Martin's sales in China grew over 70% in 2011 (2012/2/20)

VW plans EV production in China (2012/2/17)

Daimler considering possible Chinese investors (2012/2/17)

Mazda CEO plays down capital ties, says in project talks (2012/2/17)

Shanghai GM to build new production site in Wuhan (2012/2/16)

Dongfeng's January sales total over 17600 vehicles (2012/2/16)

Total, Chinese Great Wall Motor establish partnership (2012/2/15)

Guangqi Mitsubishi JV to be established this September (2012/2/15)

China Jan car sales down 23.8 pct yr-on-yr (2012/2/15)

BMW Releases Details on M6 Coupe and Convertible (2012/2/13)

Hong Kong shares seen modestly higher on Greece (2012/2/13)

China auto sales fall 26 pct in January (2012/2/10)

China Jan car sales plunge due to holiday break (2012/2/10)

China's auto exports hit record high in 2011 (2012/2/10)

Ford sells over 30000 vehicles in China last month (2012/2/10)

Maserati to recall 222 autos in China (2012/2/9)

Infiniti's 2011 sales in China exceed 19000 vehicles (2012/2/9)

China's SAIC says Jan auto sales dip 8.48 pct (2012/2/7)

JLR plans manufacturing JV with China's Chery-report (2012/2/7)

FAW Group aims to sell 3m autos this year (2012/2/6)

Spy shots of upcoming BYD-Daimler EV revealed (2012/2/6)

VW sells over 2.2m vehicles in China in 2011 (2012/2/2)

CSRC approves GAC Group's request to acquire Changfeng (2012/2/2)

Youngman eyes fresh bid for Saab (2012/2/1)

Beijing Benz begins construction of auto parts industrial park (2012/2/1)

Dongfeng Honda and Dongfeng Peugeot to start work on new projects in Wuhan (2012/1/30)

Great Wall sells over 480000 vehicles in 2011 (2012/1/30)

Fiat, Peugeot may need tie-up to compete with Germans (2012/1/30)

Aston Martin opens store in China (2012/1/20)

GM regains crown as top-selling automaker, Toyota No.3 (2012/1/20)

Great Wall Motors reports 23 pct annual sales growth in 2011 (2012/1/16)

FAW-VW Audi to bring over seven new models this year (2012/1/16)

Shanghai GM to establish new production site in Shanghai, GM CEO says (2012/1/16)

Over 8000 new energy vehicles sold in China in 2011 (2012/1/16)

Volkswagen's China sales up 17.7 pct in 2011 (2012/1/13)

Dongfeng Honda recalls over 50000 CR-Vs (2012/1/13)

Guangqi Honda to begin producing EVs this year (2012/1/13)

China 2011 car sales rise at slowest annual pace (2012/1/13)

VW's new electric Golf to hit Chinese market in 2013 (2012/1/6)

Auto sales revving up in 2012 (2012/1/6)

BMW tops Mercedes for U.S. luxury car sales crown (2012/1/6)

China's quality watchdog warns of safety risks of some Subaru vehicles (2012/1/4)

New measures to boost consumption (2012/1/4)

China's auto rules will not affect foreign businesses: NDRC official (2012/1/4)

Auto market to remain gloomy in 2012, faster industrial transformation urged (2012/1/4)

SAIC Motor sees 12 pct vehicle sales growth in 2011 (2012/1/4)

China’s car imports likely to exceed 1 million units (2011/12/30)

China to open more sectors to foreign investors (2011/12/30)

China falling short of its electric-car sales goals (2011/12/29)

New vehicle tax law receives cold reception from automobile owners (2011/12/29)

Foreign-brand cars made in China, exported abroad (2011/12/29)

Dongfeng eyes up bankrupt Saab's remaining assets (2011/12/26)

Pangda Automobile Trade to sell 22 properties (2011/12/26)

Audi CEO: Auto industry faces tougher year in 2012 (2011/12/26)

Saab North America to stay open at least 30 more days (2011/12/23)

Peugeot, Fiat, GM lead European car sales drop as regional economy stalls (2011/12/23)

Chinese rescuers dragged in SAAB bankruptcy (2011/12/22)

SAAB files for bankruptcy (2011/12/21)

Car companies weigh response to new tariffs (2011/12/21)

Dongfeng Yueda Kia finished R&D work on new own brand model (2011/12/20)

New vehicle tax policy to go into effect January 2012 (2011/12/20)

Hope for Dongfeng-Renault partnership revived (2011/12/19)

Sales of imported vehicles this year may exceed 1m (2011/12/16)

Full set of EV safety standards to be ready in two years (2011/12/16)

Chinese bus sales increase over 7% in 2011 (2011/12/16)

Guangqi Toyota releases new generation Camry (2012/5/29)

Changan PSA to bring over DS series to China next year (2011/12/13)

Beijing turns on more electric vehicles (2011/12/13)

China's 2011 auto sales expected to exceed 18m (2011/12/13)

Shanghai VW's new car factory to be located in Zhejiang (2011/12/2)

FAW-VW's new Foshan company to manufacture both VW and Audi vehicles (2011/11/30)

New GAC SUV to make market debut next year (2011/11/30)

Luxury carmakers seek to impress China's ultra-rich (2011/11/28)

Dongfeng Nissan to recall over 3600 SUVs (2011/11/28)

Car giants court Chinese drivers (2011/11/25)

Automakers confident of China market despite slowing sales (2011/11/25)

China's Coda shows at 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show (2011/11/21)

Changan PSA JV to start production in mid-2013 (2011/11/21)

Central government endorses support for domestic brands (2011/11/21)

Audi's import division to remain part of FAW-VW, JV sales division president says (2011/11/21)

China's Jianghuai Auto plans $509 mln Brazil plant - ministry (2011/11/18)

BMW electric concept vehicle shown (2011/11/18)

China considers opening auto insurance market (2011/11/18)

Honda to manufacture Fit EV in China in 2012 (2011/11/16)

Over 3000 BMWs and Rolls-Royces recalled due to water pump defect (2011/11/16)

Import Car Show showcases foreign cars to Chinese buyers (2011/11/14)

Toyota recalls Lexus RX300 due to camshaft fault (2011/11/14)

Central Europe draws on support from China (2011/11/11)

Next-generation BYD F3 to debut next year (2011/11/11)

Guangqi Toyota may manufacture new EV in China next year (2011/11/11)

Vehicle sales decelerate as government cuts subsidies (2011/11/9)

GM may block sale of Saab to Chinese firms (2011/11/9)

GAC Changfeng reports Q3 loss of 80m yuan (2011/11/9)

Over 1.2m vehicles sold in October (2011/11/9)

GM may block sale of Saab to Chinese firms (2011/11/7)

Great Wall to invest 1.5b yuan in subsidiary companies (2011/11/7)

Dongfeng's new EJ02 pure electric included in MIIT list (2011/11/7)

Nissan says may build Infiniti brand cars in China (2011/11/3)

Kia Motors to build new China plant, models (2011/11/3)

China's FAW Car reports 49.86 million yuan of net loss in Q3 (2011/10/31)

Beiqi Foton Motor profits down 60 pct as sales drop off (2011/10/31)

BYD's all-electric E6 hits Chinese market (2011/10/28)

Beijing plans to build China's best environment for new energy cars (2011/10/28)

Shanghai and GM establish new sales company (2011/10/28)

Toyota to produce hybrid vehicles by 2015 (2011/10/26)

As partnership with Chery hits the rocks, Subaru still holds hopes for Chinese production (2011/10/26)

Toyota's new Chinese R&D center begins operation (2011/10/26)

Toyota to produce hybrid vehicles by 2015 (2011/10/24)

Toyota's new Chinese R&D center begins operation (2011/10/24)

Top 10 Managing Director in China Automotive industry (2011/10/21)

MIIT releases new official list of energy-saving vehicles (2011/10/21)

Shanghai GM to bring Buick Envision to market next year (2011/10/21)

Chery's exports in September surpass 14000 (2011/10/19)

GM's Chinese sales this year break 2m (2011/10/19)

China's auto sales rebound in September (2011/10/17)

Vehicle sales surge on rush to beat subsidy changes (2011/10/17)

China Sept. auto sales up 19 pct month-on-month: association (2011/10/14)

China's Youngman comes up with vital cash for Saab (2011/10/14)

China's auto industry needs innovation (2011/10/13)

Repeated cases of broken wheel axles haunt Toyota (2011/10/13)

New standards for C-NCAP announced (2011/10/13)

Ford: More models, greater sales (2011/10/11)

China's Zhengzhou Nissan Auto to recall defective SUCCE cars (2011/10/11)

Zhonghua's first SUV may debut in November (2011/10/10)

New Daimler-BYD EV platform to debut next April (2011/10/10)

Iran proposes joint industrial projects among D8 countries (2011/10/8)

Changan and Suzuki aiming to strengthen cooperation (2011/10/8)

China's auto exports surge 53.3% in Jan.-July (2011/9/29)

Ford to introduce best models, technologies to China (2011/9/29)

Changan Ford Mazda begins construction on new Chongqing transmission factory (2011/9/29)

VW again raises stakes with record investment (2011/9/26)

Beijing Auto Museum opens to public (2011/9/26)

Changan Suzuki's second factory to be located in Chongqing (2011/9/26)

Ministry of Commerce investigating VW due to MAN takeover (2011/9/26)

Shanghai VW manufactures 7 millionth car, sets new record (2011/9/21)

Volvo's new Chengdu factory may begin production in 2013 (2011/9/21)

New VW Sharan very likely to see Chinese production (2011/9/21)

FAW Mazda appoints new VP of sales (2011/9/15)

Ford announces new plans to develop further in China (2011/9/15)

Chinese automobile exports in August reach new high (2011/9/14)

BYD still hopes to attain previous 2015 sales goal, CEO says (2011/9/14)

Ministry of Science and Technology considers how to further promote new energy automobiles (2011/9/9)

Shanghai VW's authorized dealer network hits 500 (2011/9/9)

Changan Mazda officially begins new own brand project (2011/9/9)

FAW Mazda announces lower 2011 Chinese sales target of 150000 (2011/9/9)

FAW Group announces new vice president (2011/9/9)

Delay in introducing new energy vehicle legislation is not due to departmental disagreements, MIIT official says (2011/9/7)

Just short of 17500 Mazdas sold in China from January to August (2011/9/7)

Toyota's Chinese sales in August top 88000 (2011/9/7)

Volvo's new factories to gain approval soon, manufacturer says (2011/9/6)

Geely hopes to become an international competitor in 5 years (2011/9/6)

Jiangling holds ceremony for new development programs in Jiangxi (2011/9/6)

Kumho Tire alledged to be behind Ministry of Finance official's near-fatal accident (2011/9/6)

FAW-VW's new auto parts factory to bring old engines back to life (2011/9/5)

Chery holds ceremony for new Venezuelan factory (2011/9/5)

Speculation about Beijing Hyundai's upcoming own brand vehicle arises (2011/9/5)

Toyota's 900000 vehicles Chinese sales target to remain the same (2011/9/5)

Number of automobile-related lawsuits rise (2011/9/5)

Several China manufacturers see profits fall (2011/9/1)

FAW-VW's new auto parts factory to bring old engines back to life (2011/9/1)

BYD makes massive staff cut (2011/9/1)

Ministry of Commerce holds summit on auto parts in Beijing (2011/8/31)

Growth in Chinese auto part industry slows (2011/8/30)

Domestic production of third-generation Prius to begin next year (2011/8/30)

FAW Car's net profit falls nearly 40% in first half of year (2011/8/29)

Dongfeng's net profits in first half of year just sort of 300m yuan (2011/8/29)

Geely's new SUV to be sold under Gleagle brand (2011/8/26)

SAIC to invest 220b yuan in new own brand (2011/8/26)

FAW-VW's new Kaili electric car to be produced in Foshan (2011/8/26)

Volvo holds summit in Beijing announcing new global strategy (2011/8/26)

VW's board of directors holds conferences in Chengdu (2011/8/25)

BYD's net profit falls (2011/8/25)

Lifan's sales increase over 40% in first half of 2011 (2011/8/25)

Chinese imports grow 36% in first half of 2011 (2011/8/25)

Great Wall's Tianjin factory begins operation (2011/8/24)

Chery's new factory gains media attention as JV with Subaru develops (2011/8/22)

JAC continues to undergo sales restructuring (2011/8/22)

Ssangyong to bring three new models to China in September (2011/8/19)

Dongfeng Peugeot to manufacture 3008 in China next year (2011/8/19)

Geely to expand further into the UK (2011/8/19)

BYD to cooperate with Hong Kong organization to develop EV technology (2011/8/19)

Hawtai may begin cooperating with Proton to enter Southeast Asia (2011/8/17)

Tianjin FAW Toyota recalls over 33000 Corolla EXs (2011/8/17)

Chinese vehicle sales in 2011 exceed 10.4m (2011/8/16)

Carlsson to begin selling cars in China next month (2011/8/16)

The new generation of the Honda Civic subcompact will make its debut the next Guangzhou International Motor Show held at the end of this year, the Bei (2011/8/11)

New generation Honda Civic to make debut at end of year (2011/8/11)

Cooperation between Beijing Benz and Mercedes-Benz to materialize by end of year (2011/8/11)

Audi to import more new models (2011/8/11)

Honda's Chinese sales in July fall almost 10% from last year (2011/8/10)

Pricing for SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 630 revealed (2011/8/10)

Passenger car sales in China exceed 900000 in July (2011/8/10)

Baidu and BMW to jointly research onboard search services (2011/8/10)

Shandong to undertake large-scale EV charging station construction (2011/8/9)

New Changan SUV to make debut next year (2011/8/9)

BYD vice president resigns (2011/8/9)

Geely denies investing $2b in Indonesian factory (2011/8/9)

SMS messages hinting at merger between Beijing Benz and Mercedes-Benz China false (2011/8/5)

China Automobile Trading Company to begin listing A shares (2011/8/5)

Dongfeng Nissan to expand engine production with new factory (2011/8/5)

First Luxgen SUVs come off production line (2011/8/4)

Chery-Subaru JV rumored to be announced within two months (2011/8/4)

Beijing Benz may be incorporated into Mercedes-Benz China sales network (2011/8/4)

SAIC Motor's purchase of Huayu gains official approval (2011/8/4)

Study on Chinese car consumer tendencies published (2011/8/3)

Nearly 1/3 of Chinese domestic dealers suffer losses in first half of 2011 (2011/8/3)

Chery G6 makes market debut (2011/8/3)

GAC to introduce 1.8 L Trumpchi next month (2011/8/3)

Toyota to introduce new entry-level sedan to China (2011/8/2)

Changan Mazda to expand dealer network to 200 by end of year (2011/8/2)

Pressure on Chinese manufacturer inventories increasing (2011/8/2)

Changan PSA to bring over DS models next April (2011/8/2)

BAIC and Daimler to develop closer ties to boost Chinese sales (2011/7/29)

BYD establishes EV R&D center in Hong Kong (2011/7/29)

Work on Shanghai VW's new Nanjing factory almost completed (2011/7/29)

Jaguar Land Rover sells over 18500 vehicles in China this year (2011/7/28)

Mazda expects China to account for 24 percent of its global sales volume by 2016 (2011/7/28)

Ghosn expects Chinese production of Renault to start by 2016 (2011/7/28)

Changan PSA project enters early work phase (2011/7/28)

Over 10000 new energy vehicles on Chinese roads (2011/7/27)

Mercedes-Benz to open new design center in Beijing (2011/7/27)

Youngman preparing to send materials regarding Saab to NDRC (2011/7/27)

VW's Chinese import sales exceed 30000 in first half of 2011 (2011/7/27)

Dongfeng Honda manufactures millionth vehicle (2011/7/26)

Chery to invest $170m to open Argentine factory (2011/7/26)

New pictures of Haval H6 unveiled (2011/7/26)

Mercedes-Benz opens advanced design studio in China (2011/7/22)

JAC to begin independently researching DCT gearboxes (2011/7/22)

Changan Suzuki's factory set to be constructed in Chongqing (2011/7/22)

Nissan thinks the time is right for overseas production of Infiniti (2011/7/22)

Currently over 10000 EVs on the roads of China (2011/7/22)

BYD to invest over 1.4b yuan in subsidiary ventures (2011/7/21)

Kia K2 makes its Chinese premiere (2011/7/21)

NDRC displeased with Guiyang's proposals to implement registration plate lottery (2011/7/21)

Chery holds opening ceremony for new Brazilian factory (2011/7/21)

FAW and Changan to cooperate with CSR (2011/7/19)

Mazda to expand Chinese dealer network (2011/7/19)

Memorandum on new Changan Peugeot joint venture officially published (2011/7/19)

Baojun 630 dealer network to be expanded to 120 outlets (2011/7/19)

JMC announces net profit of over 1b yuan so far this year (2011/7/18)

Average China car prices fall more than 1% in June (2011/7/18)

Government has devoted over 1b yuan to encourage owners to replace old cars (2011/7/18)

Hyundai see its Chinese SUV sales increase (2011/7/15)

Dongfeng Nissan to begin producing Infiniti vehicles in China (2011/7/15)

Aston Martin hopes to establish sales company in China (2011/7/15)

Recent government conference held to discuss policies regarding vehicle purchases (2011/7/15)

Volvo sold over 21000 vehicles in China since start of year (2011/7/15)

JVs are pushing for own brands out of self-interest, NDRC official says (2011/7/13)

FAW-VW looks to increase Audi's production by 2015 (2011/7/13)

Over 381000 vehicles exported since start of year (2011/7/13)

Scorching pace for luxury brand sales (2011/7/12)

Construction begins on Beijing Benz's new engine factory (2011/7/12)

FAW-VW may give precedence to its Audi brand (2011/7/12)

Skoda to introduce new models as Chinese sales reach new highs (2011/7/12)

Auto show dedicated to Chinese brands opens in Beijing (2011/7/11)

Mazda CX-5 to be made in China in 2013 (2011/7/11)

Beijing automobile market contracted nearly 60 percent (2011/7/11)

Toyota's Chinese sales in June disappointing (2011/7/8)

SAIC sold over 2m vehicles since beginning of year (2011/7/8)

New energy vehicles receiving cold reception (2011/7/8)

Traffic policies in Beijing gaining little public support (2011/7/7)

Chery exports over 16500 vehicles last month, sets new record (2011/7/7)

BYD cancels plans for financial company (2011/7/7)

Shanghai GM to invest 7b yuan to expand Shenyang factory (2011/7/7)

Foton P201 pickup coming to Australia in 2012 (2011/7/7)

BMW China announces new director of government affairs (2011/7/7)

Kia sold over 86000 vehicles in China last month (2011/7/6)

Production of Santana successor to begin late next year (2011/7/6)

Chinese new energy vehicle production goal may be revised (2011/7/6)

Shanghai GM halfway to reaching yearly sales goal (2011/7/6)

FAW's request to restructure stock system gains official approval (2011/7/5)

Audi to bring over A1 later this year (2011/7/5)

Authorities quiet about car restrictions report (2011/7/5)

European vehicle sales in China predicted to rise (2011/7/5)

Production of Dongfeng Honda CR-V to recover next month (2011/7/1)

SAIC begins collecting funds (2011/7/1)

Pangda will sign agreement with Saab as soon as possible (2011/7/1)

Volvo China's director of sales resigns (2011/7/1)

Germany's Daimler, China's BAIC sign deal to expand cooperation, build more vehicles in China (2011/6/30)

VW starts 'Das WeltAuto' used car network (2011/6/30)

SAIC sold over 2m vehicles since start of year, halfway towards fulfilling yearly target (2011/6/30)

VW's new Chinese factories gain offical approval (2011/6/30)

Guangqi Fiat will not produce Chryslers in the country for the time being (2011/6/30)

Overall sales of BYD's new energy cars have yet to reach 500 (2011/6/30)

Chongqing to host Changan Mazda's second factory (2011/6/29)

Shanghai GM's Shenyang factory expansion plan gains government approval (2011/6/29)

PSA to open new branch company in China (2011/6/29)

Fiat wins case against Great Wall (2011/6/28)

New Chinese name for Mazda3 decided (2011/6/28)

FAW seeks approval to list major assets -state media (2011/6/28)

Chinese auto major JAC eyes India entry (2011/6/28)

Chinese new energy automobile industry developing too slowly (2011/6/28)

Geely to maintain international standards for Volvo, chairman says (2011/6/28)

Chrysler, Jeep look at China production options (2011/6/27)

Geely University's Automotive School opens recruitment drive (2011/6/27)

Fiat wins case against Great Wall (2011/6/27)

New emission standards to come into effect starting July (2011/6/24)

Over 400 EV battery charging replacement stations to be active in Beijing by 2016 (2011/6/24)

Automobile sales fall again in May as more negative growth is expected (2011/6/24)

Dongfeng Yulon Luxgen SUV to be produced by July at earliest (2011/6/24)

Interview: CEO of Pangda responds to questions regarding Saab (2011/6/24)

Chrysler, Jeep look at China production options (2011/6/24)

Volvo's new factory gains Ministry of Environmental Protection approval (2011/6/24)

Mesfin inaugurates Addis Car assembly line (2011/6/22)

Lifan to open auto part factory (2011/6/22)

BYD's stocks fall again in the face of media allegations (2011/6/22)

Chinese plan taxi factory in South Africa (2011/6/22)

Fiat and GAC to open gearbox factory (2011/6/22)

China's BYD Sets Price for Its Offering in Shenzhen (2011/6/21)

Starting line for British luxury sports car Lotus (2011/6/21)

After the boom in car sales, it's the turn of after-sales (2011/6/21)

Lessons spark new drive in China (2011/6/21)

National recall standards to be issued soon (2011/6/20)

Pangda to cooperate with Korean SsangYong (2011/6/20)

Geely CEO invests in Australian lithium producer (2011/6/17)

Navistar to cooperate with JAC Motors (2011/6/17)

World's top three sports car brands enter China (2011/6/16)

GM aims to buy back 1% of Chinese venture (2011/6/15)

China's auto sales continue to drop in May (2011/6/15)

General Motor's China sales fall for second month (2011/6/13)

Dongfeng Nissan considering increasing imports (2011/6/13)

BYD gets approval for Shenzhen A-share listing (2011/6/13)

Dongfeng Nissan to manufacture Murano in China (2011/6/13)

Automobile sales fall again in May (2011/6/7)

Dongfeng Nissan has over 700 new positions available (2011/6/7)

Chery and Fuji Heavy close to Subaru deal (2011/6/3)

Chinese car industry to expand production in Venezuala (2011/6/3)

Fiat said to agree deal to produce gearboxes for cars in China (2011/6/3)

China to tighten emission rules for commercial vehicles (2011/6/1)

BYD denies allegations that it will halt production (2011/6/1)

As China's vehicle market cools, SAIC Motor forges ahead (2011/6/1)

Great Wall's Tianjin production site nearly complete (2011/6/1)

VW to cooperate with Tsinghua University (2011/5/30)

Chery Auto aims for 30% rise in auto exports this year (2011/5/30)

Saab production set to resume (2011/5/30)

New Continental plant to enhance Asian growth (2011/5/26)

Dongfeng Peugeot to recall imported C4s (2011/5/26)

China drives Porsche to record as buyers wait for Cayenne (2011/5/26)

Soueast to bring Mitsubishi Global Small to China (2011/5/26)

Changan Mazda Ford to construct gearbox factory in Chongqing (2011/6/16)

Geely to announce cooperation with Volvo (2011/5/23)

FAW cars to carry new logo design (2011/5/23)

Porsche orders recall over wheel axles (2011/5/23)

Mazda to boost dealership in China by 20% (2011/5/20)

Chery to begin selling E5 this July (2011/5/20)

Nissan to reinforce Japan factories for future earthquakes (2011/5/20)

Lifan to export EVs to Taiwan (2011/5/18)

Mazda to boost dealership in China by 20% (2011/5/18)

GM sees China as an open road to profits (2011/5/16)

'Easy come, easy go': Great Wall quick to court Saab after Hawtai's leaving (2011/5/16)

Spyker's Saab Auto, Hawtai drop Chinese carmaking plan as clearance fails (2011/5/13)

Shanghai VW to open new factory in Zhejiang (2011/5/13)

China's final ruling says US dumps subsidized cars on Chinese market (2011/5/11)

Asian power embraces advanced-tech vehicles (2011/5/11)

Honda China says production halt unrelated to Japan's earthquake (2011/5/9)

Mazda announces Chinese sales of over 15000 vehicles last month (2011/5/9)

Chinese imports hit record high in March (2011/5/9)

Geely opens China's first online car store on Taobao Mall (2011/4/15)

BAIC to unveil first premier car by year end (2011/4/15)

Shanghai will not place more restrictions on out-of-city vehicles (2011/4/15)

Brilliance BMW to participate in Auto Shanghai 2011 (2011/4/12)

Audi Q3 to debut at Auto Shanghai 2011 (2011/4/12)

Mercedes China car sales to rise over 20% this year (2011/4/12)

GAC Changfeng to bring new sedan to Auto Shanghai 2011 (2011/4/12)

General Motors' China sales growth slows sharply (2011/4/6)

Beijing hikes parking fees to ease traffic congestion (2011/4/6)

Autoliv starts building new factory in China (2011/4/6)

Tong Yang, Guangzhou Automobile to set up auto-parts venture in Hunan Province (2011/4/6)

Nissan's China April output to fall 10% (2011/3/31)

JAC, Chery possibly to merge (2011/3/31)

Dongfeng Honda to create luxury class own brand (2011/3/31)

Chevrolet Volt to go on sale in China by end of 2011 (2011/3/28)

China's SAIC sees 2011 vehicle sales at 4m units (2011/3/28)

Suzuki to keep most Japan car plants closed until Tuesday (2011/3/28)

China's Jianghuai to raise up to $426m in offering (2011/3/23)

New Passat to make Chinese debut at Auto Shanghai 2011 (2011/3/23)

Earthquake dents Japan's chances in China's luxury car market (2011/3/21)

Great Wall Motor’s net income more than doubles as China car sales surge (2011/3/21)

Buick's new SUV to make its debut at Auto Shanghai 2011 (2011/3/21)

Beijing to tighten vehicle emission standards, as automobile number hits 5m (2011/3/14)

BYD to inaugurate electric buses in Denmark (2011/3/14)

VW China's marketing director may move to Land Rover (2011/3/14)

BMW's China boost drives record dividend (2011/3/11)

China auto sales up 4.6% last month (2011/3/11)

Foreign Carmakers Try Brands Just for China (2011/3/9)

FAW abandons Brilliance takeover (2011/3/9)

Peugeot considers China's no-frills market (2011/3/7)

GM says Shanghai JV February China auto sales up 34% yr-on-yr (2011/3/4)

Ford says its prices rose $700 while US market unchanged (2011/3/2)

China Chery Auto begins selling cars in Australia (2011/3/2)

Dongfeng Motor to release partial ownership of subsidiary autoparts supplier (2011/3/2)

State Council expert: Oil prices to continue rising (2011/2/28)

Ex-Detroit auto execs land China investment (2011/2/28)

China's legislature to vote on draft law for vehicle taxes (2011/2/28)

Beijing looks into higher taxi fares (2011/2/24)

China plans to make a million electric vehicles a year by 2015 (2011/2/24)

Hong Kong's waning influence on the luxury car market (2011/2/24)

China's auto exports rebound in 2011 (2011/2/21)

China car sales Growth slows to 16% as incentives end (2011/2/21)

Volvo to make cars in southwestern China (2011/2/21)

Buffett-backed BYD's January vehicle sales fall (2011/2/16)

Passenger vehicle sales continue to rise (2011/2/16)

Shanghai GM to recall more than 2800 imported vehicles in China (2011/2/16)

China's SAIC plans 'major' news, suspends shares (2011/2/14)

Geely to sell Panda EVs in mainland China (2011/2/14)

Hangzhou offers subsidies to push sales of electric vehicles (2011/2/11)

First Chinese car goes on sale in Australia (2011/2/11)

General Motors China sales up 22.3% in January (2011/2/11)

Geely to build King Kong in Russia (2011/1/30)

Porsche puts pedal to the floor in China (2011/1/27)

BMW Brilliance to begin production of 5 series electric hybrid (2011/1/24)

BAIC buys Guangzhou Baolong (2011/1/24)

Two engine makers sign deals with China (2011/1/20)

Volkswagen in talks with China partners on local brand amid competition (2011/1/20)

Chery remains best selling and top exporting own brand (2011/1/19)

Volvo has no plans to produce low-cost cars for the Chinese market, CEO says (2011/1/19)

Chinese cars exports among the lowest in the world (2011/1/17)

BYD drops 100 dealers after sales disappoint (2011/1/17)

Toyota tries to break reliance on China (2011/1/14)

BMW to launch at least three models in China this year (2011/1/14)

China plans for more charging stations for electric cars (2011/1/10)

Daimler, Volkswagen to sign deals with Chinese partners today (2011/1/10)

New VW Golf R to hit Chinese market in third quarter 2011 (2011/1/10)

Chinese car brands, VW set to gain market share, survey shows (2011/1/10)

Hyundai sells 1M cars in China in 2010 (2011/1/4)

Car sales boom in Guangzhou (2011/1/4)

Maction wins GPS software order from BYD (2011/1/4)

China to continue subsidies for green cars in 2011 (2011/1/4)

Geely's selling cars online starts with a victory (2010/12/27)

SAIC Motor, Chinese carmakers decline after Beijing plans to limit cars (2010/12/27)

BYD to roll out electric vehicles at upcoming Detroit auto show (2010/12/27)

VW, Peugeot Citron weigh China brands (2010/12/27)

Data shows SUVs favored by Chinese car buyers (2010/12/27)

Beijing cracks down on car buyers (2010/12/27)

Dongfeng-Yulon JV launched in Hangzhou (2010/12/21)

China's BYD Auto, LA To Test Electric Car Fleet (2010/12/21)

Ford to start building new plant in east China next year (2010/12/14)

Peugeot EX1 electric concept car unveiled in China (2010/12/14)

Volvo, Geely agree on building three plants in China (2010/12/14)

China's auto sales expected to hit 18 mln units in 2010 (2010/12/14)

Geely, Faurecia reach global strategic alliance agreement (2010/12/6)

BYD G6 to launch at 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show (2010/12/6)

Hyundai Azera/HG to hit China market in first half 2011 (2010/12/6)

Chery EV to debut 2010 Bologna Auto Show (2010/12/6)

Beijing offering subsidies of 120,000rmb to private EV buyers (2010/11/29)

New car numbers surge in Beijing last week (2010/11/29)

Mazda recalling 6,738 cars in China (2010/11/29)

Saab to set up sales network, plant in China (2010/11/29)

Chinese auto market to change greatly next year (2010/11/29)

GM unveils new brand in China, targets smaller cities (2010/11/23)

BMW launches auto finance firm in China (2010/11/23)

Nissan puts Focus on China, Russia (2010/11/23)

Mazda 8 to enter China market in early December (2010/11/23)

GM plans to raise its stake in SAIC-GM-Wuling to 44% (2010/11/15)

Zotye Auto's $2,838 small car launched in China's inland regions (2010/11/15)

Guangzhou Auto interested in exploring Pakistan market (2010/11/15)

All-new Buick GL8 MPV launching this month in China (2010/11/15)

China: 35% automakers' inventory index higher than safety level in Q3 (2011/1/15)

GM making EV in China with prototype out at year-end (2010/11/5)

SAIC, GM to boost cooperation in new energy vehicle development (2010/11/5)

Chinese investor takes a stake in Daimler, CFO says (2010/11/5)

Changan Auto unveils new car logo in brand drive (2010/11/1)

Great Wall JV to produce new hybrid cars in Bulgaria (2010/11/1)

New-energy auto’ China's top priority in next five years (2010/11/1)

BAIC to acquire Zotye Auto (2010/11/1)

GM, SAIC to jointly tap China used-car market (2010/10/29)

Volkswagen likely to sell Audi Q3 in China next year (2010/10/29)

Hyundai-Kia leads SUV sales in China (2010/10/29)

SAIC Q3 net profit rises 47 pct, strong Q4 seen (2010/10/29)

BMWX1 compact SUV likely to be produced in China (2010/10/22)

SAIC to start selling MG6 Saloon in UK in 2011 (2010/10/22)

BAIC to launch two own brand cars in 2011, using Saab technology (2010/10/22)

Geely mulling production in Turkey (2010/10/22)

Zotye launches ex Fiat Multipla in China (2010/10/18)

China electric vehicles to hit 1 million by 2020: report (2010/10/18)

BAIC sales up 20.6% to 1.1 mln units in Jan-Sep (2010/10/18)

Geely to 'take off' in three years (2010/10/8)

GM promotes electric vehicle in Shanghai Expo (2010/10/8)

SAIC to hit India (2010/10/8)

Shanghai VW developing C-Class sedan (2010/10/8)

China's domestic car sales break 11 mln units in Jan.-Aug. (2010/9/30)

BYD building power storage station in Shenzhen (2010/9/30)

Shanghai VW to recall 24,136 Skoda Fabia cars in China (2010/9/30)

Beijing brand cars to enter market by end of 2011, BAIC says (2010/9/30)

Renault to import five models to China by mid-2011 (2010/9/27)

ZF and Foton extend strategic cooperation (2010/9/27)

VW’s E-Up electric concept sighted in China (2010/9/27)

Ford announces second engine plant in China (2010/9/27)

Brilliance Auto plans to form JV with Toyota (2010/9/17)

Great Wall Motor in green car push in 2011 (2010/9/17)

Ford Lincoln to be made in China (2010/9/17)

Ford Edge SUV coming to China in October (2010/9/17)

SAIC's auto financing firm under construction (2010/9/9)

Chery Auto gets a new brand for new energy vehicles (2010/9/9)

Dongfeng Kia recalls 18,147 faulty cars in China (2010/9/9)

SAIC Motor H1 profit may have quadrupled (2010/7/21)

Chinese auto makers eye growing Russian market (2010/7/21)

PSA to produce Peugeot 508 in China next year (2010/7/21)

Dongfeng Motor starts to build engine plant (2010/6/28)

Rolls-Royce opens eighth showroom in China (2010/6/28)

SAIC may raise $1.47B in share sale for car business (2010/6/25)

Mitsubishi Motors may cooperate with Guangzhou Auto (2010/6/25)

Auto consumption may double on "cash for clunkers" (2010/6/22)

Geely is to expand its 4S stores to 900 this year (2010/6/22)

China issues safety warning about Chrysler cars (2010/6/22)

Guangzhou Auto Group expects to list in HK Aug 30 (2010/6/18)

Geely to set up transmission plant in Shandong (2010/6/18)

JAC to launch dual-clutch automatic transmission in 2013 (2010/6/18)

VW to launch long-wheelbase Tiguan in China (2010/6/17)

Hyundai-Kia expands auto market share in China (2010/6/17)

VW to produce best models in south China (2010/6/13)

SAIC to acquire Yunnei Power for car's diesel engine (2010/6/13)

Guangdong's auto industry value may rank first in China (2010/6/13)

Chery to build Asia's largest auto test & tech center (2010/6/13)

China is most profitable market for Nissan (2010/6/12)

GAC Changfeng to promote sales in "World Cup" month (2010/6/12)

Volkswagen building its 10th auto plant in China (2010/6/12)

Foton signs with Cummins for engine technology (2010/6/12)

Plastics to help produce low-carbon vehicles in China (2010/6/11)

Foton Motor breaks ground on new-energy vehicle plant (2010/6/11)

Shanghai VW puts Guangdong factory project on hold (2010/6/11)

FAW-VW to build 8 bln-yuan factory in Foshan, S China (2010/6/11)

Changan to make Ford car under own brand (2010/6/8)

FAW-VW Foshan plant to produce Audi models (2010/6/8)

Yulon hopes to produce more Geely models in Taiwan (2010/6/8)

Renault to recall Laguna III sedans in China (2010/6/7)

Dongfeng Automobile sales reach 23,726 units in May (2010/6/7)

SAIC to launch MG6 model in UK in early 2011 (2010/6/2)

Guangqi Honda to boost capacity to 480,000 cars (2010/6/2)

Changan Ford recalls 230,000 Focus cars in China (2010/6/2)

FAW-VW to launch New Bora Sport model on June 10 (2010/6/1)

Dongfeng Citroen to recall C-Quatre model in China (2010/6/1)

China becomes biggest market for Hyundai vehicles (2010/6/1)

Daimler MPVs roll off China production line (2010/5/31)

Jaguar Land Rover set to assemble cars in China (2010/5/31)

Peugeot to base Asian operations head in Shanghai (2010/5/28)

BYD, Daimler sign JV contract today for electric car (2010/5/28)

Honda: No timetable to restart China plants (2010/5/27)

Dongfeng Motor to build 360,000-set engine plant (2010/5/27)

FAW-VW's Guangdong plant to start production in 2013 (2010/5/27)

FAW-VW to make Audi models in Guangdong plant (2010/5/25)

Dongfeng Motor starts building new heavy-truck plant (2010/5/25)

China to release green-car subsidy details this month (2010/5/25)

Guangzhou-Fiat to make "C-Medium" sedan in 2012 (2010/5/25)

China's FAW Haima to invest in Turkey's İzmir city (2010/5/24)

Toyota to recall Lexus cars in China on faulty steering (2010/5/24)

Great Wall Motor plans push into new export markets (2010/5/24)

Honda to boost carmaking capacity in China (2010/5/21)

Brilliance Auto starts to face oversupply problems (2010/5/21)

Sichuan FAW Toyota marks relocation of Chengdu plant (2010/5/21)

Chery Auto starts construction of Inner Mongolia facility (2010/5/21)

Forty electric taxis hit roads in Shenzhen city (2010/5/19)

Guangzhou-Fiat JV plans to import five new models (2010/5/19)

China's Chery Auto planning production in Belarus (2010/5/19)

Brilliance Auto to add 100 sales outlets this year (2010/5/19)

Beijing Hyundai to sell Verna sedan in Aug (2010/5/18)

Guangzhou-Fiat JV to make Chrysler Jeep in Changsha (2010/5/18)

BYD to launch all-electric car e6 in Shenzhen this year (2010/5/18)

Foton Motor to build $116-mln new plant in Shandong (2010/5/18)

China FAW Group's small trucks enter Turkey market (2010/5/17)

Toyota looking to increase new car types in China (2010/5/17)

GM to co-op with China partner SAIC for India market (2010/5/17)

Chery Auto to develop switchable battery for EV (2010/5/14)

Jaguar Land Rover to set up sales company in China (2010/5/14)

GM India to introduce China-developed light trucks (2010/5/14)

China becomes Hyundai-Kia's largest overseas market (2010/5/14)

Honda said to plan China capacity boost on auto sales (2010/5/14)

Nissan Motor building new plant in China for expansion (2010/5/14)

E-bus to create huge market for automakers in China (2010/5/13)

Mazda may form separate joint venture with Changan (2010/5/13)

China is fastest-growing market for Harley motorcycle (2010/5/13)

Peugeot, Dongfeng to build 3rd plant in China this year (2010/5/13)

Mitsubishi Motors to cement tie-up with Changfeng (2010/5/11)

Dongfeng to launch Fengshen A+ Class sedan next year (2010/5/11)

Honda to bring three hybrid models to China (2010/5/10)

FAW-VW to enter south China with Guangdong plant (2010/5/10)

Peugeot-Citroen in new car-making venture in China (2010/5/10)

Dongfeng Nissan building new plant in Guangzhou (2010/5/10)

Peugeot, Changan agree on Chinese production venture (2010/5/7)

Vehicle-to-grid tech shown at World Expo 2010 Shanghai (2010/5/7)

Chinese carmaker Lifan could build cars in Australia (2010/5/7)

Chery to launch two locally-made sedans in Taiwan (2010/5/7)

Ford may expand partnership with Changan (2010/5/6)

Great Wall Motor introduces sub-brands Haval, Voleex (2010/5/6)

Brilliance Auto plans to sell small car in Australia (2010/5/6)

SAIC-GM Pavilion opens at World Expo 2010 Shanghai (2010/5/6)

Mercedes Shooting Break concept to debut in China (2010/4/22)

Geely's clean-energy car to use Volvo technology (2010/4/22)

Toyota makes historic presence at Auto China 2010 (2010/4/22)

Beijing-built Mercedes-Benz cars use locally made parts (2010/4/20)

SAIC to display all-electric concept E1 at Beijing show (2010/4/20)

Mercedes to display 38 car models at Beijing show (2010/4/20)

Beijing Hyundai to display all-new Sonata at Beijing show (2010/4/15)

Beijing Hyundai RC to make world premiere at Beijing show (2010/4/13)

More green cars to be promoted in China in future (2010/4/13)

GM expects China sales to top 3 mln units in 2015 (2010/4/13)

Geely's Volvo brand popular at New York auto show (2010/4/13)

Chinese truck-maker Beiqi Foton to enter India (2010/4/13)

China passenger car sales growth slows in March (2010/4/7)

Geely Volvo Beijing factory not okayed by local gov't yet (2010/4/7)

Ford China JV to move Mazda 3 production to Nanjing (2010/4/7)

Dongfeng Nissan JV to import e-car LEAF to China in 2011 (2010/4/7)

Chery Auto becomes China's No.5 carmaker (2010/3/30)

China's Toyota owners may get same treatment as Americans (2010/3/30)

Geely gets gov't support to complete Volvo purchase (2010/3/30)

Ford sells Volvo to Geely auto group for $1.8 billion (2010/3/30)

Geely signs deal with Ford on buying Volvo (2010/3/30)

Changan launches dual-fuel Yuexiang car (2010/3/24)

Zhengzhou Nissan to set foot in CDV market (2010/3/24)

Ford said to sign Volvo deal with Geely by March 28 (2010/3/24)

Australian automotive technology set for Chinese car (2010/3/15)

Automakers urged to improve quality management (2010/3/15)

Chery M14 to become Chery A3CC, complete with 2.0T (2010/3/15)

BYD-Daimler to build R&D center in Shenzhen (2010/3/15)

BMW China output to hit 300,000 vehicles (2010/3/12)

BYD F3 leads China Feb sedan sales at 21,300 units (2010/3/12)

Passenger vehicle sales drops 32% m/m in Feb (2010/3/12)

BYD likely to set up U.S. plant and HQ in California (2010/3/11)

China to be largest market for luxury car maker Audi (2010/3/11)

Guangzhou-made Toyota cars "unaffected" by recall crisis (2010/3/11)

China's Jan-Feb auto sales top 2.9 mln units, up 84% (2010/3/11)

Toyota Motor CEO fails to solve recall crisis in China (2010/3/8)

China passenger car sales up 45% in February (2010/3/8)

Geely, Ford set to sign Volvo deal before March 31 (2010/3/8)

Toyota counters recall woes with China promotions (2010/3/8)

Chery to boost sales 80% to 900,000 cars this year (2010/3/3)

China's auto imports up 140% to 56,000 units in Jan (2010/3/3)

Insurance premiums for Toyota cars rise in China (2010/3/3)

Locally-produced Toyota RAV4 recalled in China (2010/3/3)

Daimler, BYD sign deal on electric cars (2010/3/2)

Ford China Feb car sales up 37.5% to 18,193 units (2010/3/2)

Toyota president apologizes to Chinese customers (2010/3/2)

Toyota's recall crisis spreads to Chinese market (2010/3/2)

Toyota CEO to promise "quality and safety" in Beijing (2010/3/2)

China to issue new guidelines for auto sector (2010/2/22)

Inbound rail passenger numbers peak in south China (2010/2/22)

GM may build new plant in China to meet growth (2010/2/22)

Porsche to add dealerships in China as sales rise (2010/2/22)

Chery to launch 17 new models this year (2010/2/9)

Toyota leads new-energy auto sales in China (2010/2/9)

Luxury carmakers trade up to China market (2010/2/9)

BYD Auto plans to build assembly plant in Malaysia (2010/2/9)

Geely looking to Volvo for domestic boost (2010/2/8)

Sichuan Auto adopts panda Tai Shan back from U.S. (2010/2/8)

Chang'an Suzuki to recall 10,326 cars for faulty filters (2010/2/8)

Chery Auto confident of IPO in H1, pending gov't OK (2010/2/8)

Geely says Ford's China JV to go on making Volvos (2010/2/4)

Chery, Geely to enter Australian market this year (2010/2/4)

China's imported auto sales may grow 20% this year (2010/2/4)

China is now world champion in car production (2010/2/4)

Brilliance Auto to launch four new projects (2010/2/3)

Geely says Ford's China JV to go on making Volvos (2010/2/3)

BMW to build R&D center in China for more growth (2010/2/3)

China's first hybrid buses go into service in Changchun (2010/2/3)

Geely to acquire 100% stake in Volvo, including tech (2010/2/3)

China auto sales may exceed 15 million in 2010 (2010/2/3)

Audi plans to lift China production capacity (2010/2/2)

Geely may set up HQ in Beijing after buying Volvo (2010/2/2)

GM, Tengzhong delay Hummer sale deadline (2010/2/2)

Geely aims to protect Volvo's luxury image (2010/2/2)

Ford, Geely may sign Volvo sale deal by mid-Feb (2010/1/28)

State Grid to build 75 electric car recharging stations (2010/1/28)

FAW Mazda aims to sell 150,000 vehicles in 2010 (2010/1/28)

Chery set to sell 720,000 cars in '10, up 44% (2010/1/28)

Faw Group sets 2010 sales target at 2.3 mln units (2010/1/25)

Green Vehicles & China's auto market discussed at '10 NAIAS (2010/1/25)

GM expects to need new China plant as sales rise (2010/1/25)

Dongfeng Honda venture to build second plant (2010/1/21)

Guangzhou Honda to launch new small car Li Nian (2010/1/21)

VW to build new plant in south China to make Seat (2010/1/21)

Geely to invest 2 bln yuan to expand its Lanzhou plant (2010/1/21)

China's all-new Chery A1 car hits Brunei market (2010/1/18)

China wants domestic-brand cars in the majority (2010/1/18)

Ford to restructure ownership for Mazda's China JV (2010/1/18)

Mazda, Ford to dissolve Chinese partnership -Nikkei (2010/1/18)

Chinese carmaker back at Detroit auto show (2010/1/18)

GM exec: China likely to keep auto sales lead (2010/1/14)

China's BYD to follow its dreams in Detroit (2010/1/11)

Geely planning China plant to produce Volvo cars (2010/1/11)

Hyundai Motor to sell commercial vehicles in China (2010/1/11)

GM to send Saab 9-5 tools to China to make Buicks (2010/1/11)

Chrysler to recall 1,809 Wrangler vehicles in China (2010/1/6)

SAIC Motor sees 2009 profit jumping over 900 pct (2010/1/6)

Foton Motor starts new plant construction in Beijing (2010/1/6)

Small-vehicle maker Kandi pushes EV tech in China (2010/1/6)

Automakers in China launch 221 new models in '09 (2010/1/6)

SAIC Motor '09 vehicle sales up 57% to 2.72 mln units (2010/1/5)

Ford's China car JV '09 sales up 55% to 316,139 units (2010/1/5)

China '09 auto sales likely up 44% to 13.5 mln units (2010/1/5)

Geely says Volvo will likely remain a separate brand (2010/1/5)

BYD aims to double car sales again in 2010 (2009/12/30)

Jilin sets up federation for new energy vehicle industry (2009/12/30)

Geely unveiling its first model for Western markets (2009/12/30)

Saab to boost renewed Beijing Auto brand (2009/12/30)

Geely offers assurances it won't plunder Volvo (2009/12/30)

BAIC to use Saab tech for making own-brand cars (2009/12/28)

MJK launches Nomad II Chinese cars in Qatar (2009/12/28)

Volvo and Geely likely to become a partnership (2009/12/28)

Dongfeng Motor Corp aims to lift car sales by 150% (2009/12/23)

Audi continues luxury segment dominance in China (2009/12/23)

SAIC Motor sees 2010 sales rising 13% -report (2009/12/23)

Ford moving near to sale of Volvo brand to Geely (2009/12/23)

Dongfeng to source Nissan Bluebird cars from Yulon (2009/12/18)

BYD to display e6, F3DM in Detroit next month (2009/12/18)

Government backs Beijing Auto deal with Saab (2009/12/18)

SAIC, Geely form car-battery JVs with U.S. firms (2009/12/18)

Chery set to participate in 2010 Dakar Rally